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Not even a quarter century ago, the mere mention of the South American country evoked images of former drug kingpin Pablo Escobar, cocaine flooding American streets and being the centerpiece in America’s War on Drugs.

Coffee and cocaine ruled Columbia, and unless you were part of the many drug cartels that ran around freely, chances are you were likely marked for death. Look no further than Netflix’s hit drama, Narcos, that follows the rise of cocaine and Escobar.

During the 1994 World Cup, Colombian defender Andres Escobar let in an own-goal in a 2-1 loss to the United States, which led to his infamous murder in retaliation by members of the Medellin drug cartel.

Now, 25 years later, instead of being known for cocaine, Colombia is now known for producing some of the hottest women on Earth.

With notable colombianas such as American-born Colombian model and actress Alexa Vega of Spy Kids fame, Sofia Vegara (Modern Family), SI Swimsuit model, Karen Carreno, Jery Sandoval, Carla Ossa and international pop star, Shakira, Colombia has become one of the world’s modeling hotbeds thanks to the number of top-tier models, beauty pageant queens and telenovela actresses, with enough spice and sassiness hot enough to rival fellow South American countries such as Brazil and Argentina in churning out pure hotness and give them a run for their money.

Could Bogota-born stunner in fashion and lingerie model, Natalia Adrada be the next hot colombiana export?

A simply stunning Latina beauty, the 23-year-old Adrada has been sizzling and burning up Instagram thanks to her killer golden-tanned exotic looks.

At 5’5 and curves to make any man notice immediately, it’s a good thing that the once-hopeful industrial engineer decided to pursue modeling full time, or else none of us lucky mortals would get a chance to gaze upon her mesmerizing beauty.


A die-hard fan of Colombian soccer power, Atletico National and the Colombian national team, Adrada isn’t afraid to express her love of futbol nor some of top players such as Real Madrid stars Ronaldo, fellow South American in Chilean striker, James Rodriguez and Borussia Dortmund centre back, Marc Bartra

Below is my Q and A with the woman also called Nata, as we discuss industrial engineering, some futbol and why she thinks soccer players are the sexiest men around.


Name: Natalia Adrada

Age: 23

Height: 5’5

Birthplace: Bogota, Colombia

Measurements: 35-24-38

Social Media Links: Instagram: @natalia_adrada (78.3k)| Agency: @inmodelsgroup 


Photo: @inmodelsgroup

Hola! How did you first get into modeling? I decided to continue my career as a model because since I was a little girl I liked fashion, glamour, traveling and everything that had to do with the environment.

Colombia has produced some of the hottest and sexiest Latin women in the world, why is that, you think? Why, in general, we Colombian women have a characteristic beauty that makes us able to be identified anywhere in the world; we also have different qualities such as sensuality, femininity and intelligence that make us look unique.

What kind of model are you and what brands have you worked with? I have made catalogs for different clothing brands, fashion photography, catwalk.

Photo: @inmodelsgroup

If you weren’t a model, what would you be doing? If I had not been a model, I would have focused on my university career as an industrial engineer.

Biggest difference between modeling in South America, Europe and the States? (South American models) are clearly different cultures and races. The South American models will always be differentiated from the others by their charisma and by being in one way or another attractive and daring, in change the European models or the United States are seen in a more reserved and a bit more conservative without leaving back the fact that they are very beautiful.

Photo: @inmodelsgroup

How do you plan on keeping things hot this fall? For this fall I plan to be very creative, I like to be active always, every day I invent new plans in which I can have a good time.

Ever think of coming to the States? Yes, I plan to go to the United States very soon. I have many work projects that I intend to carry out there. I also want to know many places in this country.

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Fave music? my favourite music is pop!

Sports: Favorite players, clubs and teams? I’m not a fan of any team in particular. But for my family, I always forced (to root for) Atletico National.

Soccer is big down there in Columbia obviously, are you a bit of a soccer groupie in liking futbolers? Yes, soccer players have specific characteristics that I like about a man, among them the body that is what makes them even more attractive.

Who do you find the most attractive? Among the most attractive to me are clearly James Rodriguez, Christian Ronaldo and Marc Bartra.

Photo: @inmodelsgroup

In your opinion, why is it so hard to date and be in a relationship as a model? In my opinion, many models find it hard to find a lasting love because it is difficult to find a person who has enough maturity and confidence in himself to accept all those situations that may arise when deciding to start dating a woman that is exposed to people, to looks, comments etc … In addition, we are usually models independent women capable of achieving what we want for themselves without needing someone at our side.

What are some of the things you look for in a person? I feel well accompanied if I am with a person that is charismatic and authentic, that transmits a good energy and above all that has a good sense of humor, I like the people that make me laugh.


After you’re done with modeling, do you hope to have a family one day? yes, I’m one of those women who would like to have a family. Not now, but later.

What’s your secret to staying in shape and working out? To tell the truth, I do not take much care with food, but exercise is a fundamental part of my daily routine. I go 5 days a week to the gym and complemented it with massage shapers.

Photo: @inmodelsgroup

Bikini, thong, g-string or commando? I feel better with a sexy thong.

Sexiest piece of swimwear to have? The sexiest piece I have is red and is also very small. I like the contrast it makes with my skin.

Photo: @jhonfmanager

What’s your workout routine like? My exercise routine varies with the days of the week. I focus much more on the tail and legs, without leaving behind the days of abdomen that I love.

Any beauty work you’ve done to gain an edge in modeling? yes, I have performed some surgeries such as nose and breasts.

Special thanks to Ms. Natalia Adrada and Agencia In Models for their time and assistance during the Q and A interview process. Images used with permission and are the rightful property of their rightful owners.

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