Technology has definitely taken a dramatic turn. From something that’s made to bring convenience, it has also assumed a very important role in bringing people entertainment. And I’m not just talking about the typical type of entertainment like watching TV or listening to music on your iPod (Are these even still in fashion?). I’m referring to hardcore entertainment ranging from streaming pornographic videos to – would you believe it – VR Sex.

What In The World Is VR?

For all the “young” fellas out there who are still living in the 20th century, VR is an acronym that stands for Virtual Reality. It is new-age technology that allows people to virtually experience a different world. It’s an immersive experience that allows users to explore a world far different from their own – make that, far dirtier than your own.

Yes, you heard that right. It wasn’t too long ago that the idea of creating a completely different world that humans can interact with became a big interest for people – especially game developers. Just imagine how fun it would be if you can play the protagonist of an RPG (Role Playing Game) or an action-packed fighting game. Instead of just pressing on buttons on a handheld console, experiencing that digital reality, a world far different from you own, would definitely be a stellar treat. It would be pure magic.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if I said that we’ve come close to achieving that kind of technology. With devices like Wii joining the fray that enables users to actually influence the movements of their virtual avatars using their own physical bodies. The device is handheld and you just kind of move around with it. Your character in the game should be following your lead. I guess game developers came up with this concept to solve the issue of “couch potato syndrome” or people refusing to do any physical work or activity so they end up being clinically obese and dysfunctional members of society.

Still, even if Wii allows users to physically interact with machines, it doesn’t exactly give a surreal experience. After all, the main console is still just plugged to the television and no matter how close you get to the TV, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s still a world behind the screen. What developers are trying to achieve is a digital world that your consciousness can be a part of. So then came VR technology. Check this out:

What Is A VR Device?

A Virtual Reality Device is an apparatus worn on the eyes (like big, humongous, totally dark glasses) with a digital screen inside.

You know how our eyes basically influence the type of reality we perceive? Well, this device takes advantage of that influence to enable users to experience a completely different world through a digital screen. A VR can very much influence your spatial perception as it drives your optical focus on what’s happening before your very eyes (literally). This makes the experience very surreal and realistic. This new technology was first used in the gaming industry but was soon enough adapted into “other types of entertainment.”

Just a quick warning: The following content is not suitable for all ages (lol).

VR Sex Is Now A Thing

Just now, I told you how immersive and surreal VR technology can be. So doesn’t that make you think “Hmm. Maybe it can be used for other things? Say naughtier things perhaps?” Just imagine: Pleasurable activities becoming more surreal is definitely a dream come true, right? This is especially true if you’re the type of guy who likes to get it on all the time (if you know what I mean).

If you’re familiar with kinky sex toys that forbid you to go to bed early at night, then VR technology will definitely become your new best friend. Just imagine all the pleasure from an automatic m plus the immersive experience brought to you by the visual-spatial influence of the VR device. You’ll definitely reach the peak of delight. Aside from VR, adult play has a bigger world to offer. Click to see an amazing list here.

More On The VR Masturbation Experience

Just imagine yourself in the following situation:

It’s a weekend and you’re practically alone at home. You have all this time to yourself and you don’t know the first thing to do with it. You’ve been feeling down in the dumps lately and would surely appreciate a little “action” in your life. Sadly, you’re not desperate enough to respond to that gorilla woman messaging you on Tinder. And so, you settle for the next best thing: You sit down; put your VR on and start getting it down. With a hands-free masturbator doing the deed below and your eyes feasting on some hot mommas that seem to be within arm’s reach, you hit just the right spot.

This sexy and immersive experience can be yours at a very reasonable price. And since these sweet devices are available online, you don’t have to do the walk of shame going to the adult store. You can purchase it discreetly online and have it delivered to your front door. I’m telling you; it doesn’t get any better than that. Instead of doing it the old lotion and magazine way, why not try the latest tech and satisfy your desire for some hot, steamy virtual sex?


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