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Good relationship advices: 5 Ways to Keep Your Partner Satisfied

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Mutual satisfaction and happiness of both partners is the definition of a good relationship. However, maintaining a relationship takes a lot of time and effort, and it requires both partners to be willing to make it work. If you were wondering what you can do to ensure your partner is content, here are five ways you can do it.

Give them compliments from time to time

Let’s face it – everyone loves getting compliments. Whether they’re about our hair, something we do, or the way we look, there’s no person that wouldn’t be moved by a couple of nice words, especially if those words come from someone we truly care about. In fact, getting just one compliment, no matter how big or small it might seem, can put a smile on our faces for the entire day, boosting both our confidence and mood. The truth is, many of us feel the need to be validated, which makes us crave approval from others, especially those we love. However, the longer we are in a relationship, the more we ignore the good things. We get accustomed to them, replacing the compliments with critique. However, telling our partners what they’re doing wrong without giving them any positive feedback can’t be healthy for a good relationship. That’s why you need to create some kind of balance. If they forgot to load the dishes or take out the trash and you criticize them, make sure that you balance it out. Tell them how you appreciate they took the time to make a delicious meal or thank them for picking up the children when you couldn’t. This will put a smile on their face, and get you some extra points. That is the first advice for a good relationship. Let’s move on.

Be direct and specific

partner in bed
We’re all guilty of wanting our partner to read our minds and assume what we want them to do. Many of us would rather keep our partner guessing instead of telling them exactly what we want, which can be quite frustrating. However, it’s important to distinguish between being bossy and being direct. Knowing what you want is great, but you don’t want to come across as controlling or demanding. Communicate what it is that you want, and don’t feel intimidated to share what you want in bed, either. Your partner will appreciate the fact that you feel comfortable enough to open up and talk sincerely about what you want from them, which can ultimately bring you closer if you do it right.

Take good care of yourself

The truth is, there’s nothing your partner would like more than to see you take a break and just do something for yourself for change. They can see you working hard and doing your best to cross off everything from your to-do list, and they want you to take some time for yourself and put your health and needs first. Your partner also wants you to be protected in every sense. Of course, as we all know, health insurance can be complicated, and finding a good policy can seem daunting. Fortunately, nowadays you can do a health insurance comparison online and find coverage and features you need. Putting your health first shows that you care about yourself, which is exactly what your partner wants you to do.

Deal with your bad habits equals good relationship

good relationship habbits
We all have some bad habits we bring into our relationships. However, many of us don’t realize how they affect our partner and how much they can hurt our relationships if they’re not dealt with on time. It can be something we may not even notice we’re doing, like scrolling our Instagram or texting someone when we’re supposed to spend some quality time with our partner. What’s more, this often causes partners to start to feel jealous, supposing that maybe there’s someone else their significant other is interested in. This also leads to spying, lying, and constant comparison, which can’t be good for your relationship. Instead of doing all that, try to be more open with your partner. Communicate your thoughts, remove the doubts, and show them respect. Put down your phone when they’re talking with you, and be there for them. If there’s something that’s bugging you in particular, find a way to tell them without fighting about it. Dealing with your bad habits will help you grow and connect.

Go out with your friends

Okay, this might seem contradictory, but hear us out. Everybody needs some time for themselves, right? After a long day at work, sometimes we don’t really feel like spending time with our partner, and we’d rather do something for ourselves, and that’s okay. Giving each other space in a good relationship is crucial, and while there’s no one we’d rather be with than our partner, sometimes a small getaway or a night out with friends can be just what we need. Spending some time apart will make you miss each other more, so get ready, call the sitter to take care of the kids, and give your partner some time they can use however they want – even if it’s simply binge-watching their favorite TV show, as per HIVRNATest.com. A good relationship that works is only possible if the partners are willing to work on it and on themselves. Finding areas that need improvement is crucial, and the tips above are some of the suggestions for giving your relationship some TLC.

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