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Want to Improve Your Sex Life? Try These 5 Foods


November 16, 2016

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By David Gomes

Do you want to have a wonderful sex life?

Who does not want to have a wonderful sex life? I don’t think there is anyone alive on this earth, who does not desire to have a wonderful sex life.

When you have a good sex life, you improve your overall quality of life. It helps you to have a wonderful marriage life. There are many people who are not having a quality sex life due to various causes. You need to experiment with sex positions, and you need to try many things to improve your overall sex life.

It is necessary for both men and women to take good care of their sexual health. The statistics show that the prevalence of sexual problems is 31% of men and 43% in women. It shows women are more prevalent to sexual problems and distress than men. Do I need to be concerned about these statistics?

Yes, you should be concerned about these statistics. Do I need to panic?

No, because there are many solutions to your problems. Among various solutions, consumption of foods, which improves your sex life, is one of them. What are some of the foods that can help to improve your sex life? Let’s check it out.

5 foods to improve your overall sex life

There is a high prevalence of sexual problems and distress among both genders. Among the various sexual problems, erectile dysfunction is one of the most common sexual dysfunction among men, and lack of orgasm is one of the most common sexual dysfunction among women. The statistics show that the overall prevalence of erectile dysfunction among men is 18.4%. Let’s leave all the statistics behind, and let’s take a look at 5 foods, which can boost your sex life.

  1. Avocados

The first food on the list is avocados. These fruits are beneficial in lots of ways. Avocados are rich in unsaturated fats and low in saturated fats. This makes avocado beneficial for your heart and arteries. What happens when your heart beat is strong? This helps to maintain the blood flow in the right places at an adequate level. You are also less likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction when you have a strong heart.

  1. Almonds

The second one on the list is almond. You need a strong sex drive to perform well in bed with your partner. Almond can increase your passion, which plays the role of sexual stimulant. Furthermore, the fertility is also aided with its consumption. You will improve your overall sex health with the nutrients contained in almond like zinc, selenium, and vitamin E, which is beneficial for your sexual health and reproduction. There are some top male enhancement pills as well, which can improve your sexual performance.

  1. Strawberries

Many people consume strawberries because of its taste. This tasty fruit can enhance your sex life. Strawberries are rich in folic acid, vitamin B, which helps in reduction of birth defects in women. It may also be the reason behind high sperm count among men. You can consume strawberries by mixing it with various foods. You are more likely to satisfy your partner with a high libido, and strawberries are rich in libido-boosting methylxanthines.

  1. Sea foods

Sea foods offer various benefits to our health. Among the sea foods, some of the well-known sea foods are an oyster, wild salmon, and herring. Salmon and herring are oily fish, which can improve your heart health. Oysters along with other sea foods can help in increasing your libido, as they contain libido-boosting zinc. These foods act as aphrodisiacs.

  1. Figs

The final food on the list is figs. These fruits are well known as fertility boosters. These fruits are also an excellent aphrodisiac. Figs are high fiber foods, which contains both soluble and insoluble fibers in it. It helps in improving your heart health. With high fiber foods, you can also achieve a sexy belly. The study shows that consuming high fiber fruits can enhance weight loss.


After knowing about these foods, which can boost your sex life, I believe you are eager to add these foods in your diet plan. You can achieve a better sex life if you add these foods to your diet plan. In addition to consuming these foods, you can also try many different solutions to improve your sex life like male enhancement pills, pelvic floor exercises, and others. Among various male enhancement pills on the market, Erect on Demand is one of the pills you can try for increased performance.

You can try all the things to improve your sex life, but it is also equally important to stay away from foods and other things that can degrade your sex life. If you are consistently having problems with your sex life, then don’t hesitate to consult the experts.

Author Bio: David Gomes completed his M.S. Professional degree in California Institute of Technology. He lives in Oakland, California, USA. He loves to write on a variety of topics such as joint health, weight loss, beauty and skin care for blogs and on-line publication sites. He also loves the latest technology, gadgets. You can connect with him on Google+ and Twitter.

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