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Washington Redskins: Post-game observations against the Bengals

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The Washington Redskins missed a grand opportunity in London against the Cincinnati Bengals. Some things that I thought had been corrected showed up during this game. 2 of these things cost them the game. Here are my three post-game observation from the game in London.


The Washington Redskins had 15 penalties for 106 yards. The last of those penalties was probably the most questionable of them all. With the Redskins driving to a game-winning field goal in overtime, WR Pierre Garcon was called for an offensive PI. With the Bengals CB in a retreat stance, it looked as though Garcon pushed off more than he did. I have seen more not get called. However, the other 14 penalties did not help today. Josh Norman was ticketed multiple times against AJ Green. Most of the penalties today seemed to come against the defense. The offense did not shoot themselves as much as in the past. The penalties have to go after the break or the second half of the season will be a long half.

Run Defense

The Washington Redskins could not stop the run again today. This was something that plagued them through the first two games of the season. It had seemed to be getting better during the win streak, but over the past two games, the monster has returned. The lack of beef up front could be an issue or is a scheme issue. Either way, the Redskins rush defense needs to be fixed. They play some strong run teams in the second half. Get it together and man up or else games may not be close.

Robert Kelley should be the lead back

The Washington Redskins may have found themselves a better option at RB than Matt Jones. He took the ball and was downhill all day. Robert Kelley had 21 carries for 87 yards and 1 TD. He was able to wallop the hole and drive the defense back. He often made most of his yards after the first contact. If he can continue to run this effectively, he should be given the opportunity to take over for Matt Jones. The bigger key, rather than yardage and running style is he did not turn the ball over. Matt Jones has had his issues since last year. Keeping the speed and power of Kelley in the lineup makes for a better run offense, in my opinion.

The tie was not the end of the world for The Washington Redskins. They are going to need a strong second half of the season still to keep pace. I expect this team will make some changes over the break. This along with getting healthy could make a big difference. The bye week comes at a great time. ALWAYS HTTR!!!

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