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Washington Redskins: 3 questions against the Buffalo Bills

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Preseason games are used for many things. They are used to evaluate talent depth, find the outstanding rookie, and for the starters to get a rhythm. In week 3 of the preseason, the so-called dress rehearsal, the starters see a majority of the action. This game is where the coaches plan all three phases of the match. This will be a huge game for the Washington Redskins. There are still some questions marks coming into week 3 of the preseason. Here are three questions that I would like to see answered.

Will the run game improve?

The run game of the Washington Redskins has been the talk of the preseason. In 2015 they were a below average run team. Though they tried to run the ball time after time, they failed. Some say it was the running backs, and many say it was the offensive line. No matter what the issue was, there was a fairly non-existent running game in Washington. With the starting RB, Matt Jones, out with an AC Joint sprain, the Washington Redskins should be able to get a solid look at some depth at RB. We will also see if they have fixed any of the run issues along the offensive line.

Is Kirk Cousins ready to improve on 2015?

Cousins was the hottest QB in the final 10 weeks of the 2015 season. What will be the game plan going into the competition? Will it be a run heavy plan, to see the run game? Will it be a pass-heavy plan to see if the offense is, has its timing and rhythm? Or will it be a balanced plan which is the type of offense you would like to see? In any case, we need to see if Kirk Cousins is ready to tackle the next step at being the franchise guy with the Washington Redskins.

Is the defense week one ready?

The Washington Redskins defense has undergone some changes. I would like to see if these changes have been made for the right. They brought in some new pieces in the secondary; S David Bruton and CB Josh Norman. The front seven was unable to stop the run in 2015. Has that been fixed? Will they be able to get pressure on the opposing quarterback or are they going to have to blitz? Having to blitz will leave their CBs on an island and can they handle it. The defense will have a lot of questions to answer to be week one ready. Will we get the answers we want?

The Washington Redskins are the defending NFC East Champions. They are a team, which in 2016, have been given no love in the eyes of the experts. Flying under the radar is fine with this team. If they answer these questions in week three, we should see a strong defense of the 2015 NFC East Championship.

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