Alex Erickson’s story shows us that you should never give up on your dream! Coming out of High School Alex Erickson was a walk-on to Wisconsin and then went on and didn’t get drafted in the NFL. The Cincinnati Bengals contacted Erickson’s agent and gave this young man an opportunity to make it in the NFL. He was considered a long shot to make the Bengals roster but man did he impress in his first game! With 49 seconds left in the first half versus the Minnesota Vikings AJ McCarron finds the former walk-on for a three-yard TD. Many fans, of course, blew it off and said well it’s only preseason, and I for one saw it the same way.

In the fourth quarter, the Vikings lined up to punt Alex Erickson back to return it was a booming punt driving Erickson back deep to be fielded at the 20-yard line and man did he put on a show shedding multiple tacklers on his way to an 80-yard punt return! It was a beauty, and it also put him in the spot light!

After the game, the un-drafted F/A was swarmed with reporters after his stellar performance, and he eventually got the call to go out that he was wanted at the post game interviews! Every little kid that is a fan of football has dreamed about making a big play and being the main attraction after the game this was a dream come true for Alex Erickson.

Many can say well one hit wonder well Alex Erickson didn’t have an 80 punt return TD in game two of the preseason, but you better believe the Bengals are paying attention now that he had a couple of impressive punt returns in the second game. Erickson is continuing to impress.

Is he worth a roster spot? Yes, he is but as a returner as of now. With Adam Jones off of return duties we are left with Brandon Tate who hasn’t been that impressive so yes I see him on our roster come week one, and hopefully he will show out like he has so far in the preseason!