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Washington Redskins: 4 things we learned against Browns

When week 4 started for the Washington Redskins, there was an aura that said blowout. When the game ended against the Cleveland Browns, it was far from a blowout. The Washington Redskins had to hang on with the help of their secondary to win this game. Here are four things that we learned in the victory over the Cleveland Browns in week 4.

Run defense is horrid

The Washington Redskins run defense is anything but spectacular. The Browns offense was able to run at will on the defense. Cleveland finished the game with 163 yards rushing on 28 carries. Isiah Crowell averaged 7.5 yards every time he touched the ball. This is going to keep any football team in the game when they run the ball at will. Even Duke Johnson Jr, who only handled the ball nine times, averaged 6 yards per carry. The Redskins defense needs to find some horses up front that want to get nasty and stop the run. If they do not there are going to be more than 163 yards by some teams.

The Redskins’ gamble may be paying off

Kirk Cousins counted on and bet on himself to be the $20 million man. Through the first four games, he has come up short of that franchise tag. Has He played well, at times, but he has been in every game this season. He will have a very solid drive, and then he will come out and the next two drives he will lay an egg. For the Redskins to blow out opponents, as they should have on Sunday, Cousins needs to return to his 2015 consistency.

Jordan Reed is the best TE in the NFL

This may catch some attention but it is true. I will proclaim Reed the best in the NFL at his position. He has better hands than Rob Gronkowski, he runs better routes, and he cannot be covered by just one guy. There are times in which Gronk will have his way. However, if you have a TE or a safety that has any coverage skills, they can shut down the Gronk. That is why I believe Jordan Reed has made the leap above him and claimed the best TE in football honor.

The Washington Redskins are now 2-2. Their next opponent is the Baltimore Ravens. There will need to be an added attention to the run defense. The Ravens ran for 130 yards themselves on Sunday. The Redskins can win a lot of football games if they would just get consistent play from their run defense and QB.

Stay tuned later in the week for my Redskins – Upon Further Review where I will give more insight into the game and what the Redskins need to do to fix it. ALWAYS HTTR!!

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