Waterproofing Your Home

Owning a house is the most beautiful and exquisite feeling in the world. You spend all your hard-earned money to build a home of your dreams and then comes the pool of responsibilities. While you are in the building process, it is best to hire a service provider who can waterproof your entire home. 

During floods or heavy rains, the house should not get a single drop of water inside. Did you know that a damp basement could ruin the structure of your building? Dampness could lead to growth of mildew and mold. These are dangerous for your health! Health problems like cold, flu and an upset stomach could arise in no time! 

How about waterproofing your home? https://valuedrywaterproofing.com/ has found out that majority of the homes in Delaware, Maryland and Virginia have waterproofing issues in their basement. Do you wish to face the same? 

You may feel that waterproofing the house is a DIY task. It requires skills, patience, proper techniques, the right equipment and prior knowledge. You may need a helping hand to complete the job on your own.  Not every YouTube video can help you get a fix. The question is – How do the experts waterproof the homes? Let’s find out! 

Checking the Faults

Once you hire a basement waterproofing expert, they will assess the home and check the faults. If it is a new house, they will start the waterproofing stage and this way you can avoid all the future leaks and rain water getting inside the home. They will check both external and internal walls. 

Once they have checked the walls and made the list of things needed, discuss the pricing. 

Choosing a Quality Waterproofing Product 

The second step is to choose a good waterproofing product. There are waterproofing chemicals in the market. However, before this step, they clean the walls and remove the old paint. The experts patch the holes in the exterior and interior walls. Hydraulic cement is used for patching the holes. 

They allow it to dry for about 24 hours and then the waterproofing product/chemical used. Now this needs to dry for about 12 hours. Second coat can be applied for better results. 

Note – Always opt for plastic waterproofing adhesives. 

Choosing the Expert Wisely 

Since you are planning to waterproof the home, it is ideal to hire a professional. Do a background check and a good waterproofing expert will have an official website too. Check the list of clientele and see what kind of adhesive/solution they are using. 

There are many amateurs who opt for cheap waterproofing solutions. A half-hearted job is not recommended! You want someone who has several years of expertise in the industry. 

After all it is your home and waterproofing it is an investment. 

Takeaway Advice

Hire an expert today! DIY is not a wise option in this case. Whether the home is already damp or you are in the building stage, hiring an expert is necessary. 

Don’t let the basement/house get damp because it is lethal for your health and the overall foundation of the building. Waterproof your cherished home and bid adieu to dampness, mildew, mold and health issues. 

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