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Wednesday Night Comics

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It’s Wednesday, which for me is like a scene out of Billy Madison. However, instead of “nudie magazine day” I’m excited for comic book day. Don’t judge? Who gets their porn mailed to them these days? Anyway, Wednesday is the day reserved for my fix for reading on caped crusaders, men of steel, web slingers, and everything in between. While everyone flocks to be part of the superhero hype going on in Hollywood, too many great stories by those same characters are being developed on the pages of comic books. Most of which could quite possibly help your movie going experience. Once you get over the fear of being called a nerd, here’s a few titles you should pick up along the way.

1 – Steve Rogers Captain America (issue 2): After the “Hail Hydra!” read round the world, Captain America wasted no time advancing the story. Some may say that was by design. Some fans loved it, some hated it, but by the end of issue 1 Captain America had switched sides. Good news for fans, is now we know why. Picking up exactly where they left off, Marvel quickly decided to not let fans get too far astray. Waiting too long to tie up loose ends, more than not, will lose fans. Brilliant of Marvel to reveal when they did while still leaving enough story going forward.

2 – Superman (issue 2): After the Rebirth issue, there’s a change in landscape for the Man of Steel. After the first issue the direction of where the comic was headed was a bit confusing. However, while the second issue was a little slow, there was a hint of nostalgia in the writing. Issue #2 might not quickly jump up your list of all time favorite comics, but it is quite clear the new team is slow playing their hand. Being as Superman is one of their most widely known superhero, DC can take the time to build this story the right way.

3 – Batman (issue 2): After possibly one of the best runs of a comic I’ve had the pleasure of reading, I was very nervous on the direction DC was taking the new Batman. Issue 1 of the post Rebirth special, showed a bit more of the vulnerable side of Batman. Issue 2 left that behind in favor of a few light hearted one liners. That’s one of the greatest things while reading Batman. The rollercoaster ride of emotions but at each point you can’t help but fully be immersed between the pages. Whether it be Batman or Bruce Wayne, it’s his connections with the rest of Gotham that make the story so intriguing. Issue #2 shows off a bit more of those relationships, but how does it relate to his new found friends going forward?

4 – Totally Awesome Hulk (issue 8): Were you always hoping for a more friendly, sarcastic, in more control but still insanely strong Hulk? Well, you got it in Totally Awesome Hulk. Issue 8 deals with the post Hulk Bruce Banner and how Amadeus Cho deals with taking over the mantle. Just as Cho starts to feel he’s 100% in control of the big green guy, he has to turn to Bruce to make sure he doesn’t lose that control. The new iteration of Hulk has a bit lighter tone and peppers in some humor. Up until this point, a few of the other issues seemed like a lot of character building, where issue 8 starts to turn the corner. Over the next couple issues, readers can hope to see where the story is headed and how Amadeus will struggle to balance between chaos and control.

There you have it. Four quick reviews for this weeks pull list. To get more comics, sports, or entertainment reviews, follow me HERE. Next week’s pull list: The Flash #2, WonderWoman #2, Civil War II #3. Have an idea fro something I’m not reading, leave it on my page, it could end up in my subscription box!

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