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Wellness: Why Stress Causes Migraine?

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Stress not only causes migraines but is the reason behind many ailments worldwide.  It is the reason that WHO has called it the health epidemic of the 21st century.  And that is not all. It costs hundreds of billions of dollars in medical expenses for people from all walks of life.  Surveys suggest that more than 50 percent of people are affected by stress, and in the last few decades, it has risen by ten to thirty percent in many demographic locations in the world.


Why stress causes migraine?

Migraine is an intense headache caused by a neurological condition affecting millions of people.  Though there are many triggers to migraines from lack of sleep to food changes, the general perception is getting it after a stressful moment.  And women are more prone to be triggered by stress to have migraines as per studies.

To have the migraine condition means that the person is susceptible to have a unique syndrome known as migraine. Under stressful conditions, a person’s molecules and hormones may increase or decrease to cause the headaches by buying Oxycontin online UK and taking it while in stressful situations is the best way to get rid of stress-triggered migraines.

Stress types to cause migraines

 Stress statistics are alarming and rising with every passing year; 33% of world people experience extreme stress.  77% of peoples’ physical health and 73 % of peoples’ mental health are affected by stress.   Many studies have confirmed many types of stress or different emotions like anxiety, tension, shock, and even excitement to cause. There are also weekend migraines experienced by many people after a week of stressful work.

The best way to reduce stress is by buying Oxycontin online UK. The following are the stress types to cause migraines.

  • Tension at the workplace is the primary cause of migraines as surveys confirm more than 80 % are affected by stress during work due to many issues.
  • Financial issues due to low income, not meeting end caused by reasons like lack of employment, are the other significant stress factors for migraines.
  • Relationship problems due to not so happy married life or a soul partner without proper understanding is another type of stress.
  • Apart from competitive studies, children also suffer from childhood trauma caused by parents’ divorce, or physical abuse or hospitalization are the other types.
  • Many are affected by anxiety, nervousness, and tension to cause frequent stress for small things.
  • New changes in life like relocating the workplace, switching jobs, shifting to a new home, having a baby, and others also cause migraines.
  • The inability to strike a proper work-life balance and not fulfill the respective responsibilities may add stress.
  • Unable to have a sound sleep due to stress about surroundings or loud noise, harsh lights, and other issues

The list to cause migraines by many types of stress is long, and the only way is to not give much importance to issues or people causing problems. It may be in professional or personal life, making it easy, and finding better alternatives could be the best way to stress-less life.

Also, a proper lifestyle with exercise, eating healthy food, and meditation will help. But immediate relief is only from buying Oxycontin Online UK as it is the best way to eliminate stress and migraine.


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