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Every gadget you possess is assigned a unique IP address. This address is used to identify and locate your device; furthermore, websites may monitor and track its movements. 

Many businesses, for example, utilize website traffic to evaluate conversion rates or develop new marketing strategies. While it may not seem to be a significant red flag initially, your IP address may be very restricting since it is entirely based on the constraints and limits imposed by its geographic location. 

If your IP address is from a server in the United States, you may only view material from that region. This is why so many people use proxies to access worldwide information. An Android proxy may help you gain greater access and stay up with all of your favorite games and applications, whether you’re at home or traveling across the globe.

What is a proxy?

A proxy is a method of connecting your device to the Internet. Proxies mask your original IP address, causing websites to think you are in a different area and, as a result, concealing your identity. 

A proxy for an Android phone, on the other hand, is not the same. It is as easy to use an Android proxy as it is to use one on a PC. It’s as simple as going to the mobile network settings to determine how to set up a proxy on Android. 

As soon as you configure your proxy on your Android, you will be able to surf the Internet worldwide and with added protection.

Proxy Settings for Android

At first, sight, finding out how to change proxy settings on Android may seem complicated and something only computer professionals can accomplish. 

However, as manufacturers have recognized how essential proxies are to today’s internet users, more and more gadgets have made it simpler to set them up. There are several fundamental differences between proxy kinds that you should be aware of.

Setting up a proxy on Android is as easy as following these instructions. This procedure must be repeated each time you join a new Wi-Fi network. 

  • Navigate to your Android settings and choose “Wi-Fi.”
  • Connect to your preferred Wi-Fi network by clicking and holding the network name.
  • When a box containing Wi-Fi network information appears, choose “Modify Network” and then “Advanced Options.”
  • Select “Manual.”
  • If your Android is a later model, “Proxy Auto-Config” may be an option. You may choose this and then input a proxy auto-configuration script (.PAC file).
  • If you choose “Manual,” input the proxy IP address and port number provided by your proxy service provider.
  • Click the “Save” button.  

Reasons Why One Should Use a Proxy for Android

Now that we’ve established how to change proxy settings on Android, we can discuss why utilizing a proxy is such a good idea for your online safety and experience in general. 

If configuring an Android proxy seems like a hassle, there are a few key reasons why using a proxy for Android may decrease headaches and improve your overall experience with the Internet and applications on your phone.

  • Identity Protection

Your identity and the data you generate online should be safeguarded as much as possible. An Android proxy, on the other hand, makes it simpler to evade cyber thieves and businesses phishing for data. There is a proxy IP address barrier, which prevents you from tying anything to your own mobile device’s IP address.

  • Avoid Geo-Blocking

Though the Internet is worldwide, many websites have geographical restrictions and only allow specific material in particular regions. 

Streaming sites are the most prominent perpetrators of these obstacles since obtaining a license for streaming rights is contingent on numerous contract discussions. While location restrictions may be inconvenient, a decent proxy will get around them.

  • Get around Website Bans

Sometimes games or websites may ban many IP addresses that seem suspicious, causing difficulties for users. You may get around this using a proxy IP address that does not seem to be the prohibited one. There are many reasons to utilize an Android proxy, and the finest proxy services can offer you all of these advantages. 

The Best Proxy on Android

Reliable proxy providers may also offer you an Android proxy that has better network speeds, in addition to all of the other benefits of getting one. For your Android proxy, litport.net provides all of these proxy features and more. 

It can provide a large number of server locations and has complete control over the hardware, allowing the users to solve any issue that may arise. In addition to a wide range of geographical options, they provide 24-hour customer support to assist with any issues that may occur anywhere globally. 

You can also acquire proxies for varying periods—you don’t have to be tied into a contract with no wriggle space. Even if you need an Android proxy for a month, you can get one. 

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