Years ago scientists at Harvard University learned that fat cells could be frozen and eliminated without affecting skin or the surrounding tissue. They learned this by observing children who ate a lot of popsicles – the children developed dimples in their cheeks. This idea, that fat cells could be targeted and destroyed using low temperatures was later developed into what is known as cryolipolysis, the science behind Coolsculpting.

What is Coolsculpting?

Coolsculpting is a procedure that targets fat cells through controlled cooling, and the treated fat cells are effectively crystallized and destroyed. Once this happens, the body then removes the dead cells and leaves you more sculpted. Coolsculpting is a safe alternative for people who struggle with stubborn fat especially in areas such as the sub mental area, abdomen, flank, thigh, and butt.

Many of us struggle to get rid of fat in these areas and sometimes exercise and diet just won’t do the trick. Coolsculpting technology takes advantage of this cooling effect to target fat in areas that would otherwise be impossible to remove.

How it works

Cryolipolysis works by placing a roll of fat into a device that has two panels for administering freezing temperatures. The treatment takes less than an hour and according to current estimates, patients can lose up to 25 percent of fat in the treatment area. Once the procedure is completed, results will be permanent as the dead cells are excreted from the body through the liver. Full results are visible within several weeks of treatment; however, patients are advised to follow up with good diet and regular exercise to prevent weight gain.

Coolsculpting can be used to minimize the appearance of cellulite on the arms, legs, butt, and some patients use it to get rid of fat under the chin.

Possible side effects of Coolsculpting

Perhaps what makes Coolsculpting so popular today is the fact that it doesn’t carry any of the risks associated with cosmetic surgery such as liposuction. Side effects are rare, and when present, they are mild and usually go away within a day. Possible side effects include:

• Mild discomfort at the treatment site during the procedure

• Stinging, or burning sensation at the treatment site during and immediately after the procedure – this goes away when treatment is finished.

• Temporary itching, sensitivity, or mild bruising at treatment site.

Who is it for?

Before you sign up for Coolsculpting Staten Island, keep in mind that this is not a treatment for obesity. It is a supplemental fat removal procedure that should be done primarily to get rid of stubborn fat and not as a replacement for normal weight management methods. Ideal patients are people who want to get rid of small pockets of fat in areas that diet and exercise has not been successful in removing.

Though the procedure is considered safe for most people, there are special considerations for people with specific medical conditions like:

• cryoglobulinemia

• paroxysmal cold hemoglobuinuria

• cold agglutinin disease

Always speak with your doctor before taking any cosmetic procedure.

How long will results last?

Once a patient has undergone several sessions to remove fat in a specific area, the results should last indefinitely. Fat cells are killed and removed from the body, so there’s no chance of gaining back the weight after the procedure. The only possible risk is gaining weight in a way that leads to more fat stored in the treated area, and this is more about individual responsibility not to gain weight.

Is Coolsculpting worth it?

For all the fat removal procedures available today, none is as popular and effective as Coolsculpting. This is after thousands of patients have been observed to lose fat and regain physique in areas that had proven extremely difficult to fix.

Benefits of Coolsculpting

The main benefit is that the procedure is non-invasive. When compared to surgical weight loss procedures, Coolsculpting is miles ahead in terms of its ability to get good results, zero downtime, and the fact that sessions last less than an hour (you can get done on your lunch break).

After years of research, patients can feel confident that Coolsculpting technology is based on sound science and there’s no risk to the skin during the procedure, or any lingering effect that might cause problems down the road. If you’re considering Coolsculpting as an option, speak to your doctor about it and proceed to find a licensed clinic that performs the procedure.

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