Imagine going home tired. You open your front door and see that the floor is a mess. You opened your vacuum cleaner, and you and your family were immediately annoyed because of the loud noise the machine made.

There’s no time to lose. Purchase a quiet vacuum cleaner as soon as you can. But if you still need to be convinced why you must buy one, there are plenty of good reasons:

Massive volume difference

Standard vacuums, when being used, release a noise that ranges from 78 to 80 decibels. Quiet vacuum cleaners operate at decibels lower than 82.

It might not seem like a huge difference, but the difference between 80 and 70 decibels is a hundred units of power ratio. This means that even a few decibel points lower, you will hear a significant decrease in volume. What can sound like a noisy street in the metro can be exchanged with the murmur of people talking moderately loud. This difference makes quiet vacuum cleaners an excellent investment that’s worth its price and function.

Healthier for the ears

The noise that a vacuum can release is only about 5 points away from harmful volume levels. Complications with loud sounds can cause temporary or permanent hearing loss. Even if a vacuum cleaner doesn’t technically emit harmful noise levels, long-term exposure to its sound can still injure your ear. Sometimes, it’s not about the loudness, but how long you become exposed.

Some signs of harmful noise include difficulty talking, hearing other people over those sounds, and if you feel a slight pain in your ear. There’s a big chance that you have already experienced this with your vacuum cleaner. That said, it’s very health-conscious to favor a quiet vacuum cleaner over a regular one.

Lessens stress while doing chores

Quiet equipment isn’t only beneficial for your ears, but also to your entire being. Managing stress has become a vital part of life in this fast-paced world.

Imagine you’re doing your daily vacuum duties when suddenly you have to check on the oven while a person is knocking on your front door. Chores can get disturbingly simultaneous and cause you extreme stress. Having less work will surely help out, but having less noise is more probable to achieve. You may not be able to control the amount of work you have to do, but you can manage the stressors around you.

People can still talk

Another benefit of a quiet vacuum cleaner is a more peaceful place for communication. When a person vacuums, you can’t just easily tell them to stop, because the task is a vital chore. What happens when your daughter or your grandfather needs to talk to someone on the phone? What if your dad needs to have a video chat for his home-based job? What if your best friend called you? Extra noise from a primitive vacuum cleaner is a parasite of life that can easily be eradicated. You just have to do a few clicks and purchase a quiet one.

People asleep won’t be bothered

Sleeping babies and people, in general, don’t need to hear that loud buzzing anymore. Quiet vacuum cleaners can provide you flexibility because you can vacuum during the night to some degree.

You can watch that crucial T.V. moment

I hope this doesn’t happen to you or the people in your house. Especially when you’re watching television that can only be replayed in other platforms. A quiet vacuum cleaner will allow you to keep vacuuming while witnessing that crucial moment of your favorite T.V. series, film, or any entertainment show — what a lovely life hack.

Less noise is an industry upgrade

The concept of lessening the noise of a machine is an upgrade done not only on vacuum cleaners. Engineers have been finding new ways to make noisy equipment lose their sounds. One example is inkjet printers, which have evolved into quieter, laser printers. Silencing is also an innovative technology in car engines. Less noise is a technological, societal upgrade. You don’t want to miss out.

Similar price, better product

Finally, a reason why you should buy a quiet vacuum cleaner is that you can get the benefits of owning one at a relatively similar rate. Most quiet versions are priced near to older, noisier versions. Buying a quiet vacuum cleaner is like having a better version of something for almost similar costs.


There are many advantages you can get when you buy a quiet vacuum cleaner. The best part is, their prices aren’t very far from regular ones. So what are you waiting for? Upgrade your noisy machine now and add that extra comfort and peace to your home.

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