When we are relocating or migrating from one place to another—for example, in Australia or any place in the world, for that matter—our first instinct is to move our possessions ourselves. But why? We go through great lengths and pack our precious belongings haphazardly to save a few dollars on having professionals do the packing and shipping for us. And even though we still pack our items with high regard, no amount of bubble wrap or packaging tape will ever secure our belongings during our long journey to a new life in a new home.

Don’t let the horror stories of damaged, misplaced, and lost shipments scare you into DIY-ing shipping your valuables. It would be best to let a moving company transport your belongings to your new home. There’s no need to worry as there are a lot of companies who are experts in transporting fragile items, no matter how far the destination is. Of course, the most obvious first step to take would be to connect with the best shipping company in Australia or any point in the world. But if you don’t know what to look for when hiring a shipping company, in this post, let’s talk about some factors that will help you decide.

Last-minute booking

You can’t blame yourself if your employer asks you to relocate to another city or another country all of a sudden. This only shows that the effort you put into your work is paying dividends now. After the dust has settled from their sudden decision, it is now your turn to decide out of the blue to hire a moving company to move your entire life to your new home.

The true mark of a shipping company worth its salt is, the moving company must still be able to handle your request, with no hesitations whatsoever, no matter how last-minute your shipment is. It means they are used to making last-minute bookings. No matter how many people booked with them, they should still have a team who can handle your request. They should not make any excuses as they should think of how it could work.

On-time delivery

The moving company should also arrive on time at your old home so they can deliver all your belongings to your new home at the specified time. Although delays are expected, especially during peak moving season like the holidays, your belongings should arrive with little hitches. The acceptable delay should only be within the space of a few days. The hallmark of a great moving company is their ability to deliver all the items on time and complete and, better yet, if your belongings arrive way ahead of schedule. And if your items have not arrived or are delayed, the shipping company must have . 

Good communication and customer support

Before the moving company of your choice pack your belongings, you must tell them how you want some of your things to be packed. Their moving professionals would certainly give you the best practices of packing certain items, but at the end of the day, how you want your belongings packed will be your call.

During the transaction, your chosen moving company should be quick to reply to any of your inquiries, especially with delays. Their customer support agents should give you the estimated arrival date of your items, the movers’ contact information, and the current location of your belongings. Make sure to read real customer reviews of the moving company online to give you a picture of how they work. Besides, it is their responsibility to be 100 percent transparent on how their processes work. 


Your chosen moving company must care about the safety of your belongings. Thus, they should have large insurance coverage in case of unforeseen events. Of course, check out the company’s website and read client reviews to find out how they were able to work around delays and how they handled the loss or destruction of their previous clients’ belongings in events beyond their control. The first policy the moving company you should clarify is, whether or not their insurance covers fortuitous events or natural disasters. If they have been in the business for a long time, then they should know how freight will be transported safely in one piece.

After dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s, doing your due diligence, and considering the factors we’ve listed here (these are just some, but there are a lot more!), you should be able to hire a moving company that will be able to safely transport all your possessions to your new home. Remember, the moving company of your choice should certainly be passionate about what they do so you can feel confident your relocation will go as planned.

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