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Melvin Brewing’s Tips To Select a Tasty Craft Beer

Do you like to explore the taste of different types of beers? If you say yes, then this article is meant for you. Melvin Brewing, one of the biggest beer producer company, shared the following tips for picking the best tasting craft beer. Nowadays there is a huge variety of beer selections available in the market. And believe me, it’s a true art to select a tasty craft beer for you. Craft or microbreweries are the ones that produce small amounts of beer. Their production is on a much smaller scale compared to the large corporate breweries which do large-scale production of wine. Craft breweries are owned independently and their main emphasis is on the quality, flavor and brewing technique. They put inexpensive ingredients and produce a huge variety of beers.

When you go to the bar you get a beer list. However, it may happen that the beer list confuses you more regarding which beer to select. So we have mentioned a few tips shared by Melvin Brewing which you’ll be able to select a beer that suits your taste the best.

  • Beer List

When you enter a bar waiters are mostly busy running here and there attending customers. When asked they usually recommend what comes first to their mind like the ones whose expiration date is near or the one most sold or their own favorite drink. Also, the bars have partnerships with particular brewers so when asked they will recommend that only. But there is a lot to explore so when you visit the bar always first ask for the beer menu. Reputable bars have a beer list describing the tastes and key ingredients of different kinds of beer. Beer of any kind is bitter in taste but the level of bitterness is different. When you first taste a beer go for the one which is not much bitter.

  • Talk to the bartender

The beer lists and chalkboard menus of modern craft bars are giant and exhaustive. So if going through these does no good to you then take the help of the bartender. You know you’re in the right place if the bartender has the knowledge and at the same time, he is keen about discussing beers with you. Inform the bartender if you’re entirely a newbie to the craft beer world. However, keep in mind that the taste of the bartender is quite advanced so the beer they recommend might be too complex for a newbie. Tell clearly what you like and what you didn’t. This will help them to understand your taste and they would be able to do proper recommendations.

  • Remember the taste of what you’ve tried

Try to remember and record either on your mind or phone of the tastes of different varieties of beer you’ve tried. This could be quite difficult because there are all new and different flavor combinations as well as brewing methods.

Make a list of the beers you liked most so that you can have a more comprehensive talk with the bartender while asking for recommendations.

  • Take note of the order in which you drink your beer

When you are exploring different styles of the beer, don’t go with the stronger or richer one. Start with lighter, crisper and more fragrant ones. We have different taste buds responsible for different flavors like sweet, sour, bitter, salty, etc. If you try strong first your taste receptors will be overloaded with its rich taste and you will not be able to enjoy the lighter ones. Strong flavors last for long hours.

  • Explore the tastes of beers with your friends

Go to the bar with a friend or group of friends. The more the number of people, more the number of varieties you would be able to taste. Talk with them regarding the tastes and what each of you liked and what didn’t like.


The craft beer shops have brought to us the world of different styles and sub-styles of beer. The taste of each one of us is different and completely personal. So you can’t probably recommend the same type of beer to all. Taste them yourself to get an idea of what you like and whatnot. Macro beers are not that much of high quality. Therefore, go and explore the world of craft beers!

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