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Having the ultimate purpose of securing yourself, every automotive regulation ensures the smooth functioning of road-traffic. A pink slip is a term more commonly used for a vehicle’s performance inspection that verifies your car road-worthy and safe to drive. This inspection is a legal requirement that is an inevitable condition for your vehicle’s rego renewal.

Required after five years of vehicle age, eSafety Inspections stamp the fine condition of your vehicle by fulfilling the devised criteria. In this article, you’ll get to know everything about Pink Slip.

Pink Slip or eSafety check:

Officially named as eSafety check, pink slip is an automotive inspection required for light vehicles older than 5 years or more before the renewal of vehicle registration. This is a legitimate requirement by the Government of New South Wales to ensure the minimum safety requirements of your vehicle.

A pink slip is an electronically generated vehicle report stating that your car is in good working order and fit for the roads. If you’re living in Australia or NSW, you must adapt yourself to the rules and regulations of the concerned state government.

If you want to buy a used car, then you must check an online history report of the vehicle and inspect it to see whether the car has been involved in major repairs or damages in the past before purchasing it.

Processing of eSafety check:

ESafety check inspections are performed at authorized inspection stations where a mechanic will inspect your car and either issue a pink slip if the vehicle is functioning properly or generate a list of repairs needed to pass the inspection.

In case of inspection failure, the generated repair list by the mechanic must be fulfilled within two weeks before the expiry. After a successful inspection, the slip will be electronically lodged with the Roads and Maritime Services and you’ll be able to renew rego.

Key Areas for eSafety check inspection:

  •         Vehicle body condition
  •         Brake efficiency test
  •         Tire quality and tread depth
  •         Working electrics such as headlights, blinkers, interior lights, and dash lights
  •         Engine or suspension or exhaust and driveline condition
  •         Seatbelt condition
  •         Engine and driveline fluid leaks

For the brand new vehicles, this pink slip is ensured by the dealers and you can register your vehicle easily whereas, for its renewal after years of vehicle usage, pink slip inspection is done before registration as a condition.

Bear in mind that you don’t necessarily have to wait until the expiry of your vehicle registration since you can undertake an eSafety check by six months before re-registration. Moreover, Trailers that weigh less than 251 Kg and caravans with a tare weight of less than 411 Kg do not require an eSafety check as per the RMS.

The validity period of Pink Slip:

Once your light vehicle has passed the inspection test and you’ve been provided with the pink slip, you can renew your vehicle registration within 6 months of this eSafety check report. Whereas, interstate reports are valid for 42 days or less as per the concerned state regulations. Albeit, this duration is not for public passenger vehicles.

Failure to re-register your vehicle within the prescribed limit will cause you to pass through the inspection again and obtain another pink slip. According to the mentioned length of registration, you’ll be required to get a pink slip annually and the need for inspection will be written on your registration papers.

Failure of Pink slip inspection:

In case your vehicle has failed to pass the eSafety inspection, the mechanic will issue a “repairs needed report” that contains a list of required repairs to be fulfilled to ensure the proper working of your car and pass the inspection test again.

Finally, laws are designed and implemented to ensure citizen protection and it’s an obligation upon every individual to act upon the rule of law. New safety standards for vehicles sold in Australia have been put on hold until 2021.

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