To be organized means always to be neat, fit, focused, and have a clearly defined time for each task. Is it so? Not at all necessary. These myths often scare us, and instead of helping in life, the organization turns into the Inquisition.

Relax, These are just myths, and now we will debunk them.

1. Being organized means being careful.

Sure, you can be organized and neat, but do not confuse these two concepts and take one after the other. Even if you very carefully stack the boxes and containers with things in even stacks, this will not help you find the right thing in them. Being organized means creating a structured system that will allow you to quickly find everything you need and effectively, without stress, do what you need – and when you need to.

2. Being organized means maintaining perfect cleanliness.

Again, you can be organized and clean, but you cannot confuse these qualities. Cleaning means that you remove dirt and unnecessary things. But you can live in a perfectly clean house, where the refined interior and Italian chandeliers remain disorganized. But hiring a commercial cleaner can help you with the best cleaning solutions more often.

3. Being organized means having a daily plan, scheduled in minutes.

I strongly recommend making plans for your affairs, meetings, events, etc. And also, I strongly DO NOT recommend clogging your schedule with chores and draw up tight schedules. Planning is creativity, and it is effective only when it fully meets your needs. Plan only the most necessary events, do not overload the schedule and leave time for spontaneity.

4. The organization is the destiny of special people.

In fact, only very small groups of people, for example, people with serious illnesses, cannot be organized. Everyone else has the opportunity. There are many time management systems, among which you will always find the right one for you. Learn these systems, choose your own and apply it every day of your life – that’s all you need. Organization does not require any special qualities.

5. Being organized takes a lot of time and effort.

In fact, everything is exactly the opposite. Disorganization requires extra effort and time, and so much that you can hardly imagine. Acting spontaneously, you overcome many unnecessary obstacles. Following a certain system, as soon as it becomes a habit, becomes as simple and natural as brushing your teeth or combing your hair.

6. Everyone I know is more organized than me.

Beware of this error. Organization has both external and internal manifestations. If you do not know a person in everyday life well enough, you cannot objectively judge the degree of his organization. For example, someone can be elegant in everyday life, but at the same time, he never comes to meetings on time. The other person is never late, but his documents are in a state of unimaginable chaos. The third person has a cozy house, an organized office, but he never achieves his goals. You are not alone. Too many people need to organize certain areas of life, even if this is not visible from the outside.

7. Organization robs life of pleasure.

We have already examined the situation of Capitolina and Magdalena and their different attitudes towards planning the day. I repeat the essence: just the best-organized things get the best from life. They achieve what they want, achieve their goals because they do not waste time regularly searching for lost things, re-performing or redoing tasks. Planning allows them to free up time for those things that they love and want to do, for communicating with dear people, for hobbies.

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