CBC or Complete Blood Count is that test which is performed to measure the cells that make the blood. It actually measures the total cellular count of the blood including White Blood Cells, Red Blood Cells and Platelets. You may take this test as the part of your annual health check. This may be included within the package.

CBC is ordered by the doctor to check for leukemia, anemia or to trace out any other health condition. The test can diagnose underlying health issue or it may even explain the reason for fever, weakness, feeling of tiredness and bruising. The test is also a great way to keep a watch over the blood. Again, it may also help to detect how chemotherapy is affecting the blood count.

How this test is done?

It is easy to conduct the test. The lab tech or nurse will take only a few minutes to do the test. He/she will just insert a needle to draw out some blood. The needle will be inserted into the vein of the arms. This blood sample will be sent to the lab for diagnosis. After the blood sample is collected, you may get back to your work. The test is as vital as Ra factor test.

What the test measures?

CBC can speak a lot about your health condition. The test is as vital as rheumatoid factor test which helps in the detection of antibody. Well, CBC measures the following:

· The test can measure white blood cells and if the count is more, it suggests infection in the body. White Blood Cells are very vital as they fight out body infection. But, if the WBC count shoots up, it suggests infection or inflammation in the body. On the other hand, if WBC count is low, it again suggests infection. However, the normal range of WBC is between 4500-10000 cells every microliter.

· It counts Red Blood Cells that perform important role of carrying oxygen to the cells. All throughout the body, the Red Blood Cells carry oxygen. Apart from this, RBC also filters carbon dioxide. In case the RBC count is less, it suggests anemia.

· It also measures the level of hemoglobin. The vital protein known as hemoglobin holds oxygen in the blood. For men, the normal hemoglobin range is 14-17 grams every deciliter.

· It also measures HCT or the amount of red blood cells. It is known as hematocrit count. If the score is lower, it suggests little iron. Iron is the mineral that helps to produce RBC or red blood cells. If the level is high, it means that you are dehydrated or there may be another condition.

· Platelets play an important role when it comes to blood clotting. The test can help to measure the amount of platelets in the blood. The usual range or the normal range is 140000-450000 cells/mcL.

The test results and what do they mean

It is easy to read the test results. When you open the report, you will find two columns, whereby one column will carry normal range and the other one your reading. If the result is within the normal range, then the report is normal or else not.

The Rh blood group is complex blood group in human beings. Blood group is classified on the basis of the presence and absence of Rh.

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