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Why iKeyMonitor Spy App for iPhone and Android Is A Must Have

The more technology takes over, the more it has become hard to keep physical relationships. Nowadays, people tend to invest more and more time on their phones and tablets. There is also the rise in the number of people who engage in relationships romantic or otherwise online.

As a result, physical relationships are more often than not estranged. Parent barely have time with their kids especially teenagers. A spy app for iPhone and Android has in turn become a necessity for parents who care about their children and want to have some level of control.

Technology has also been largely adopted in businesses. Most of the owners use phones to communicate with their clients and also run various aspects of their businesses. While at it, some of these gadgets are entrusted to employees in order to streamline the company operations. Unfortunately, some employees have breached their employer’s trust and use the resources for their personal errands. The end result is a slow progression or even failure of the business.

A spy app for iPhone and Android helps reverse this trend and allow business have full control.

How Does An Spy App for iPhone and Android Help You?

Just as the name suggests, the mobile spy app helps you to spy on your children or employees. This is done anonymously such that they will not know that they are being spied on.

You simply install the app on the target device and customize it for suitable use depending on what information you want to gather. Once this is set, you will be in a position to see all the activities taking place on the phone. Also, you will have all this information sent to your email address for further investigations or deliberations if need be.

iKeyMonitor spy app can monitor the following activities on the target mobile device:

• SMS Messages

• WhatsApp Chat Messages

• Skype Chat

• Line Chat

• Facebook Social Activities

• Call History Logs

• Call Recordings

• Phone Surroundings

• Voice Messages

• Websites Visited

• Clipboard History

• Keystrokes Entered

• Pictures and Videos

• GPS Tracking

• Geo-fencing Alerts

• More other activities

Besides logging features, it even blocks apps and limits screen time on the target phone.

How Does Spy App for iPhone and Android Help Our Daily Life?

The spy app works incognito to log in all the details from the target phone. It tracks all the activities and gives you all the information as and when you need it. The information collected is in form of key logs and screenshots.

In addition to the above features, iKeyMonitor spy app for iPhone and Android enables you to view the clipboard history. This helps you to:

Find Lost Data

Sometimes data can be lost either intentionally or not. When installed, this app keeps a record of all the previously pasted messages on the clipboard. By viewing the clipboard you can find the messages as well as the original apps where they are copied.

Parental Control

Children will copy items that are of interest to them and paste them in a different application on the phone. Being able to view the clipboard history will give you a glimpse of the information, and gauge whether it’s appropriate or not. You are then able to guide accordingly on what is appropriate, how to handle situations and what to do in case they encounter online bullies. You are also able to teach them the right use of cell phones.

Employee Monitoring

By the virtue of being adults, employees will use their common knowledge to hide any activity on their gadgets that are not related to their jobs. They will also try and hide any evidence that could depict flaunting of company rules and regulations. This feature comes in handy for employers because they can easily check the content of the pasted texts. What’s more, they are able to know which apps were used and eventually track the messages. Depending on what they find out the employers are able to avert any loses and deal with the rogue employees accordingly.

In conclusion, from the above, iKeyMonitor spy app for iPhone and Android gives you value for your money, keeps you well guarded and helps you to thrive in your businesses and parental roles.

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