There are various types of Storage Solutions out there and good thing too. Since generally, on an enterprise level you get to deal with tons of Data that you would want stored either for your employees or backed up. This type of information includes dailies such as random document types, e-mails, videos, presentations, some databases and even the occasional audio file.

This of course requires storage. Picking the right one such as photostick could be the difference between cost efficiency and improved productivity and flat out procedural disaster.

1.1 What To Know Before Choosing Storage Solutions

Before you can choose, there are several questions that need to be answered:

❖ What are predominantly the largest files you produce?

❖ How old is the data & is it in everyday use?

❖ Is it critical or can it wait for a few days if archived?

❖ Does your data need to be restricted Geo-Logically

After answering some of these questions you can have a good grasp on things and afterwards decide what the best course of action is and what File Archiving Solutions you should be using.

1.2 Choosing The Best Storage Solution

Flash Memory or USB Drives are better suited for example for professionals that are constantly on the move. They can store quite a bit of data these days and are fairly inexpensive and weigh next to nothing. The quality of storage and speed has improved drastically as well.

External Hard Drives are another option close to USB Drivers. Basically offering more storage and even faster read/write speeds. Though they are not as light as USB Drivers, they generally do offer better reliability and consistency.

Locally Network Attached storage may be considered rather expensive but it is highly effective. Having a Network Attached Storage or NAS offers you flexibility of backing everything up quickly from any location with access.

Lastly, Cloud Solutions are also fairly inexpensive as of late and offer great availability and speed. The only downside is that you don’t actually have physical access to your Data. In case of a power out or some specific issue with the vendor, you are out of luck.

1.3 Assessing Your Storage Situation

In the end, it is fairly hard to do wrong with any of these solutions since they are proven over time. But for example, if you possess critical data and need to have it ASAP it might be a better choice to go with NAS Storage rather than using cheap USB Drivers or even go with overly complicated Cloud Solutions which could for some reason be out of your grasp when you need it most. The geological positioning matters in some cases. Also this could be talked about the other way around as well, if you are a professional on the move and don’t hold huge amounts of data and need it only for a presentation or something similar, then a NAS Solution or overly heavy External Hard Drives won’t cut it. The answer is, it depends on your situation.

1.4 Conclusion

There are numerous solutions when it comes to storage. Choosing the right one is no easy matter, but if done properly you will be faced with major benefits in the long term.


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