In this world of fashion and technology, why should your clothes lag behind? Yes, you can even customize them with your own photos and designs. Wearing the designs provided by the brands and the stores is so boring at times. Why stick to them when you can customize your own T-shirts and garments according to your own choice.

There are times you wished your photos to come out of the cellphone screen. How about getting them printed at large, in your dresses, blanket, cushions, bed covers? You can get your photos printed in different items and use them for different purposes. Let us have a look on some great customization ideas

Customized photo ideas

  1. Dresses

You can print your photos in dresses and flaunt them. It is so much in trend nowadays. Besides, you can gift photo printed T-shirts to your loved ones and surprise them.

  1. Bottles

Children often lose their bottles in schools. So getting their photos printed on their bottles will help them identify it easily. You can also gift it as a birthday gift to your child’s friends, where their picture on them.

  1. Coffee mugs

How about drinking coffee on the mug with your photo in it? You can also get every family member’s photos printed on their mugs. This will help each one to identify their own mug. After all, drinking coffee in your own mug enhances the feeling every time.

  1. Cushions

Are you not bored in displaying your photos only in the walls? Why not think differently and get them printed on the cushions. It is indeed a great décor idea. You can also print your photo on the cushion and gift it to your loved ones.

  1. Sweaters

Sweaters are so boring to wear when it comes in plain colors. Why not make it attractive by getting your photo printed on it?

  1. Embroidery ideas

We all are a great fan of embroidery works. But how about getting your ideas and photos embroidered on your favorite items? In this process embroidery is sewn directly onto the item. However, there are great ideas with this form of embroidery work:

  • Embroidered chairs: You can revamp your lounge with customized embroidered chairs. It gives a classy look to the lounge and your guests will be awestruck with the idea.
  • Embroidered blankets: When we go to the store, we search for the design in the blanket which we have imagined in our mind. However, not finding the perfect design, we have to compromise and buy the ones available in the store. No more compromising as you can get your idea and designs embroidered in your blanket and enjoy a cozy sleep. Is not the idea tempting?
  • Embroidered hats: Suppose you go to a ladies meet where you have a theme party. If the theme is Victorian, a hat is a must. Stand out in the party with your embroidered hat and make jaws drop. You can also use these exclusive options during the summer times.
  • Embroidery in Dresses: Embroidery works are always a treasure. Now, you can get your own design or your photo stitched on your clothing. You will stand out in the crowd with your own designs as they will be unique. You can also gift some of these for your friends and family members.

I know you can’t wait to get the customized items and revamp your wardrobe and your house. So without any haste, please visit It’s All Custom and order your products soon. Make sure you share design ideas in the right way, to get the product as you want it to be.

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