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Personal injuries have multiple variants, as any minimal accident of any type can lead to it. This is where a personal injury lawyer stands to make sure the conduct is proper. There are multiple scenarios where the injured person can genuinely file for personal injury claims; however, if you are thinking of opting for this, remember that any kind of injury can’t generally be qualified for an injury claim. 

We have created this blog to help you distinguish real personal injuries. Following are some of the valid injuries that can be used to file an actual claim.

Injury in a car accident 

This is one of the most commonly reappearing injury cases. The main reason why most accidents happen is the low attention span of one driver. All in all, one driver is mostly at fault. For instance,  If you are a citizen of Kansas City and you get involved in an accident where the other driver is at fault,  then a Kansas City Personal Injury Lawyer can help you. In this case, the driver at fault is needed to pay a settlement. However, in rare cases where there is no fault of both drivers, insurance matters are discussed. 

Slip and Fall

This is one of the most commonly reoccurring injuries. If the injury has occurred due to some issues within the property, then the property owner needs to pay for the settlement. The main reason why this claim is legitimate is the fact that it is the owners’ job to make sure their property is safe and livable. This includes protection from any kinds of bugs and electrical hazards. However, you need to make sure that the property’s fault is the property to make a real claim.   

Mistake in the medical procedure

This type of injury happens when you have received treatment in such a way that it has harmed your physical health. It is mainly the fault of the medical personnel who did not do his job right. This is where you can sue the medical facility for personal health damage. However, you also need to make sure that it is due to a malfunctioning of the staff because if it isn’t the case, then the claim will be void.

Libel and Slander

This mainly deals with the defamation of the victim and can also be considered as libel and slander. This means that the victim has experienced defamation on a social level, and his reputation has been targeted as well. The solidarity of the claim can vary from situation to situation as the medium of defamation and level of stress of the victim is always different. The person who has filed the case must have coherent and strong proof to make a claim. This is mostly seen with public figures. You also need to have authentic proof and justification as well. 

Bitten by a dog 

This is also a legit injury claim if someone else’s dog bites you because dogs are the owner’s responsibility. They need to make sure that their dogs are well-mannered and safe for outsiders. This also is different in every scenario. You can easily sue the dog owner for personal harm as well. All you need to do is provide your medical reports, and you’ll be good to go. 

In conclusion:

This blog has all the legitimate injury types one needs to know. Do understand that all the above-mentioned cases can vary from time to time as external aspects play an important role. Hopefully, this answers all your questions regarding personal injuries. 


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