Germany is such a country that it cannot be replaced. Its rich history and architecture, having some of the world’s most renowned names originating from there. Having composers like Sebastian Bach, Amadeus Mozart, and scientists like Albert Einstein. The country’s contribution to genres like art, science, music, and architecture is simply incomparable. Apart from famous names, the government is also home to museums, castles, small but astounding cities, and roads meant for long drives like none other. Germany also consists of some of Europe’s most attractive castles, such as the Neuschwanstein castle, attracting tourists worldwide. And cities like Heidelberg, which is a small city consisting of primary students and having one of the oldest universities in the world.

This article will tell you Mercedes Matzen’s plan on how one should travel to countries with which culture and history like Germany.

Germany’s famous AutoBahn road

Many people think that the road does not consist of any rules and regulations, where they are wrong. For example, the advised speed limit on the street is around 81mph; although you can go above it, you need to be very careful as some cities do pose a seasonal limit on how fast you can go. So be cautious and try to plan about everything beforehand instead of just hitting the road. Research before a trip can prove very beneficial and can save you money as well.

Public transport over taxis

You might think that taxis can prove a viable and dependable option when traveling to Germany, but you are very wrong. Taxis are not standard in Germany, and the only places where you would see a taxi would be around city hubs. That is why, in Europe, it is recommended that public transportation is used instead of private. Public transport can prove to be very cost-effective, especially when you get the hang of it. Ask any local or tour guide to help you understand.

Ticket validation

In Germany, you need to validate your ticket at all costs. If you take this lightly, you can end up with a fine. An invalid token is equivalent to not having access. This once happened with Mercedes, and that was the last time she ever forgot not to validate her ticket. The process is not that hard. If you have trouble understanding the local language, you can ask any bystander to help you out.


German transportation is very punctual on their timings. The best way to book tickets or see schedules is to use a recommended app such as “DB Navigator,” suggests Mercedes. It will guide you on all your timings, schedules, arrivals, and departures while using public transportation. If you find the subway system frustrating, then opting for other options can prove very useful.

Cash can be a lifesaver.

Although the country is on terms with modern times, it is still on the sluggish side of credit cards and paperless money. So, in that case, Mercedes always recommends carrying cash with you and not depending on your bank. As even in metropolitan cities, they still have not fully adopted the credit card system.

Sundays are lazy

It might seem odd to you, seeing markets close down on Sundays. But in Germany, Sundays are for resting and having family time. So Mercedes suggests that if you need to get any work done or if you have to visit the marketplace, you better make sure to do it before Sunday night.

Rules and regulations

You might not think twice while walking across the road in several countries. But in Germany, you will be facing a fine if you do so. So Mercedes recommends getting yourself familiarized with the rules and regulations of Germany so you won’t have to waste money on small mistakes. “It’s still money you’d rather spend some other way. Along those lines, remember those bike paths are for bikes. They party and have fun while following rules and regulations.”, says Mercedes.

Don’t be loud

It does not mean you have to walk around in complete silence. It is better to keep your voice down when in public transportation. It is insulting when your voice gets between other people talking to each other. “It is preferred to talk in a lower voice, so other people are not disturbed,” she says. Unless you are at a festival or a fair, where one would typically expect others to be shouting, you should mind yourself and respect other people’s space.

Public toilets are not free of cost

You might want to have some change on you while you are walking around Germany. “you would not want to suddenly have to use the toilet and have no cash to pay for it.” Mercedes laughs, “Most Germans, just use a loophole and go to restaurants and shopping malls, as it’s free, but do try to keep some change with you.”

Nudity is not offensive

It might be surprising for you to hear such a thing. But Germans do not take any offense if a person wants to get in the pool while being partially or fully nude. You might need to get used to it as it can seem like a considerable shift from a conservative society to a liberal one. It can take a little getting used to. Mercedes says, “In changing rooms, you might be surprised as many people prefer to walk around nude. They do not mind it at all. It might seem weird, but it is all too natural. No one thinks twice about it.”

Above all, Mercedes says, go with the flow. That is what makes traveling so enjoyable. You get to visit new countries with different people and different cultures. You’re somewhere completely different, and you’ve got time to explore their cultures fully. Of course, making mistakes and embarrassing yourself is pretty fun as well. And you will get the hang of it in time, but most importantly, you must know how to enjoy yourself and be open to new experiences. Be adventurous in Germany, and you’ll indeed have a great time. 


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