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Call tracking

What Should You Look for in a Call Tracking Software?

We live in the smartphone generation. Users prefer getting their queries resolved with just a single phone call. Businesses place immense importance on voice calls for providing the best customer experience.

If you are a business running call-based marketing campaigns, a call tracking software is something you might want to consider for gaining better insights into the effectiveness of your campaigns. You want to know which keywords are driving customers to your ad campaigns. Most importantly, you want to discover your potential customers and know exactly what they expect from you.

Call tracking
Call tracking

A call tracking software allows you to have all the relevant data in place, and with this you can target the right customers with personalized campaigns at the right time.

However, before you make up your mind of whether or not to incorporate a call tracking solution in your business, make sure you have all the essential features covered.

The Top Features You Need in a Call Tracking Software Today

Here is a list of features you’ll want to consider while choosing a call tracking software:

1.     Choose the right service provider

The way a call tracking software works is by assigning unique phone numbers to each marketing campaign. If you have a global campaign in mind, you need to make sure that your service provider is capable of offering phone numbers in the countries your advertising campaigns are targeted in.

You might also want to have a look at the service plan for the range of phone numbers and calling minutes offered. This minimizes the last minute hassle and results in a smoother operation.

2.     Determine your objectives with a call tracking software

There are multiple call tracking systems available in the market – each with a diverse range of features. You need to figure out what it is that you want to accomplish with them.

Decide whether you want to identify the most effective marketing channels or the keywords that are driving the most traffic, or enhance your agents’ performance, or identify potential customers. With specific objectives in mind, you can opt for a call tracking software that exactly meets your business needs.

Call tracking objectives
Call tracking objectives

3.     Ease of integration

A call tracking software must be capable of integrating with marketing automation platforms for devising better-personalized campaigns based on click-through rates, number of page views, reach, and impressions. Its integration with various social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter will improve effective segmentation and targeting.

You’ll want your call tracking software to integrate with your CRM as well in order to identify customers’ traits and characteristics, and for better call routing. In addition, the integration of your call tracking software with web analytics tools will enable you to get insights into the browsing history of your callers. That way, you know your customers’ recent interests and preferences and deliver them personalized solutions.

4.     Pricing of your call tracking software

Any good call tracking software comes with different subscription packages based on the number of features they have to offer. You can also get access to free trials before making a final decision. Choose the one that goes best with your needs and marketing budget. Once you scale up your business and expand your customer base, you can buy better plans with a lot more beneficial features.

5.     Call recording

Call recording is an essential feature that every call tracking software must have given the immense benefits it brings along. When you dive into the history of call recordings, you come to observe patterns in your customers’ behavior: the way they place their queries, the words they use frequently, their mood patterns and so on. This data helps you optimize your marketing campaigns accordingly and win customers’ attention and loyalty.

6.     Real-time analytics

Data without meaning becomes redundant. With the help of call tracking software, you are able to capture every specific detail associated with a call and derive a pattern from it. These details include the call duration, the response time, resolution time, quality of communication, the call time and date, call source and other caller details, all in real-time.

The result? You will not only have a 360-degree view of your customers, but you will also discover ways of optimizing your marketing strategies based on their interests.

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