Professional vapers will probably be aware of the various tools and kits required for vaping, besides the vaporizer itself. They may also be able to build their vaporizer or any of its various components. But first-time vapers might only know the vaporizer and its juices. The multitude of objects in a vape shop might confound first-time vapers. But knowing all the accessories and vape tools can be increasingly helpful for first-time vapers. Additionally, becoming familiar with the various equipment can also help vapers modify their vaporisers to their will. It also helps vapers mix juices and create their own flavours for a more personalised vaping experience.


Rebuildable vaporisers are gaining popularity, owing to the flexibility it offers to vapers. This vaporiser allows people to make several modifications to it according to their specifications. There are also a variety of other vape tools sold in a vape shop, along with the rebuildable vaporiser. But these are the basic tools that every vaper should be familiar with,

Coil Building Kit

A coil is the spiral-shaped metallic rod within an atomizer that heats the liquid. The coil is the central component of a vaporizer, as it heats the juice converting it into steam. The coil is metallic and thus conducts heat well, dissipating it through the juice.

A coil building kit allows individuals to build and replace coils in a vaporiser or atomiser. The kit usually comes in a case and consists of a variety of tools. The basic coil building kit usually includes,

  • Pen-style screwdrivers
  • Hex-head screwdriver
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Set of tweezers
  • Silicon jigs case
  • Organic Cotton
  • Flush Wire Cutters
  • Coiling Tool

It also consists of the coiling wire, which the individual can choose according to their requirement.

Ohm Meter

All vaporisers run on electricity, and the coil within has a certain amount of resistance (ohm) to this electricity. An ohmmeter allows individuals to measure the resistance level of the atomiser and make necessary adjustments. The ideal range of resistance is above 2.4 and below 2.8. The more the resistance, the less the effectiveness of the vaporiser and its juice. The lesser the resistance, the more the flow of electricity. The resistance varies from material to material, so it is essential to research coils before investing in one.

Magnetic Juice Mixer

DIY vape juices are the rage today worldwide, as people get to experiment with various flavours, trying to create one of their own. Vape shops selling vape accessories and kits also sell a DIY vape juice kit. This kit consists of basic essences or concentrates, which are concentrated versions of vape juices. This kit also consists of a nicotine base, into which people can experiment and pour the different essences, creating a unique flavour.

The essences and the base will have different consistencies, and manually mixing the various components might not yield perfect results. The perfect combination of flavour essences and the nicotine base appears like a uniform vape juice. A magnetic mixing device uses magnetic force to combine the flavour essences with the base smoothly. This device yields the most perfect and uniform vape juice, allowing for the best vaping experience.

Cleaning Brush

Vaping can be quite a lot of fun, but it can also get messy. Over time, the vape juices leave traces in the interior chamber. Cleaning an atomiser can be quite a pain, especially if one doesn’t possess the necessary vape tools for cleaning. While there are dedicated cleaning kits, a steel wire brush is the most essential. This brush has flexible steel bristles that can thoroughly clean the interior of the atomiser.

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