Vodka, a drink familiar to many, is a distilled liquor with a neutral flavour and aroma. The alcohol content of this drink is usually within the range of 40-55%. The origin of the term vodka is from the Russian word “voda”, which means water. It was first popularized in parts of Europe and eventually became a known drink worldwide.

Having a neutral taste, vodka is often mixed with other ingredients to create different kinds of cocktails. Some enjoy it just chilled without any add-ons, and some enjoy being creative with it. The most common ingredients mixed with it are carbonated water with a lemon slice, cranberry juice, lemon-lime sodas, pineapple juice, and a lot of fruit juices, to name a few. It is fairly easy to create different concoctions as it pairs well with almost anything.

While this drink is often consumed for socialization and events, there are also health benefits of drinking it in moderation. 

It is good for the heart

Aside from it being a drink without many minerals and add ons, vodka is known to reduce cholesterol levels. It increases good cholesterol called HDL and helps eliminate LDL, the bad cholesterol. Studies show that moderate consumption of vodka can reduce the risks of having collateral-dependent perfusions to ischemic myocardium and cardiovascular diseases. It also causes increased blood flow and circulation in the body, helping prevent clots and strokes.  

It is a stress-reliever

Because of its properties that help aid in the sleep department, vodka is effective in reducing stress levels. It has a calming effect and helps cortisol levels recover after facing stressful scenarios. Its sleep-inducing properties help in giving the drinker a better quality of sleep. People who have a hard time sleeping can take one shot before bedtime to reap this vodka benefit. 

It is a good addition to oral care

Vodka kills the bacteria forming in the mouth that induces bad breath. It can be swirled around the mouth before drinking it, or it is also easy to spit it out when it has done the job. It can also be infused with other ingredients like cinnamon, peppercorns, or a few mint leaves to give it a bit of a flavour and affect the breath. It also serves as an instant pain reliever for toothaches.

It does not ruin diets

Attending events and parties can sometimes ruin a diet because of the food and drinks present. One of the better choices in drinks when on a diet is vodka. Pure vodka is low in calories and does not have the same sugar content as beer. One-shot contains approximately 60 calories depending on the brand and raw material used. It aids in digestion and has little to zero amount of fats.  

It could help reduce inflammation

People with rheumatoid arthritis who drink vodka tend to have less severe symptoms and lower levels of inflammation. It is said to act as an analgesic, although it still has to be studied thoroughly.

Other benefits of vodka are through topical application and not just through ingestion. These benefits include stimulating hair growth, cleaning pores, tightening the skin, removing toxins, and serving as a disinfectant. These benefits are not achieved by excessive drinking but through moderation. The health benefits will be replaced with the risks when abused.

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