Right Influencer for Your Industry

Who can say no to influencer marketing these days?

In fact, because of their cordial living style, influencers are getting more attention than ever. Lay people resonate more with the lifestyles of influencers than they resonate with that of celebrities.

The increasing number of influencers has raised a question, too, for both laypeople and industries: Who is the authentic reviewer and who to believe?

Since the influencer market has become so saturated these days, finding the right influencer for your industry is no less than a can of worms.

This article talks about your pain points and tells you how and where you can find the right influencer for your industry.

Be all eyes!

Things to Know Before Finding the Right Influencers in Your Industry?

Before you step into finding the right influencer (yeah, a lot of competition out there!), there are some things you must know.

  • Target Your Audience

You do not need every other influencer to market your product; you need the right one. Means? If your product is based on a fitness niche, a sports coach would be a better choice than a beauty influencer.

You need to target the right audience, and for that, you need to target the right influencer. The right influencer has a personality and style that align with your brand. Their personality delivers the right message about your brand values.

  • Target Marketing Objectives

The influencer should be able to achieve your marketing objectives. Your list of marketing objectives may include:

  • Engage audience
  • Build brand awareness and identity
  • Generate leads and sales
  • Build links


  • Target Authenticity

Authenticity is one of the essential factors you should keep in mind before finding an influencer. Look for people who support and promote your competitors, too, not because they are paid but because they are authentic and care about their followers.

  • Target Reach

Influencers are classified into types according to their followers. The followers can range anywhere from between 10,000 to more than 1,000,000.

Reach out to the influencers with a decent following. Also, keep in mind your budget (the more followers, the more the influencer charges), target audience, and brand niche to increase sales.

Many influencers have smaller audiences, but with their highly engaging content, they can provide you more business than the ones with a bigger following. BuzzGuru is a brilliant tool that can help you analyze and evaluate the influencers, so you always land on the right place!


Where Can You Find the Right Influencers?

Imagine your sales sky-rocketing because you found the right influencers, a dream come true moment, right?

Well, below are some ideas that can help you find the right person.

  • Social Media Platforms

This is by far the easiest way to find influencers. If you belong to the fitness industry, look up for the influencers that belong to the same niche.

If someone is a fitness coach and engages their audience with fitness tips and brand-sponsored content, too, reach out to them.

You can track them by searching if they talk about your competitors or mention your brand. Listing tools and social monitoring tools can help you track the brand mentions.

  • Hashtags

Hashtags are another great way that can help you accelerate your influencer search. They make content easily accessible on social media platforms. Influencers use relevant hashtags.

Search for hashtags that resonate with your brand. Like if you have a fitness brand, look up hashtags like #fitness, #fitnessguru, #fitnessblogger, etc. Also search for general hashtags like #ad, #sponsored, #blogger, etc.

These hashtags work well on Instagram. See the results you get. Follow the one which appeals to your eyes and falls in the same niche as yours.

You can also use tools to find popular hashtags.

  • Google Alerts

If you want to know who writes about your brand or relevant industry, Google Alerts is your go-to mentor.

It is easy to use because it lets you set up relevant keywords and then sends you alerts if someone posts something about that keyword.

You can find the right influencer for your industry this way.

  • Influencer Marketing Analytics

You can sure end up finding great influencers using the above-mentioned tactics. But this manual job cannot always yield fruitful results and can even test your nerves at times.

To save your time and ease your job of finding influencers, various tools and platforms are available online. BuzzGuru is one of them. The tool is handy and helps you discover influencers, ad campaigns, analyze competitors, and even help you launch your own campaign.


Influencer marketing is the best strategy brands should follow these days. People are more inspired by influencers than celebrities because they can relate to them. Following the right strategies and tools like BuzzGuru can help you find the right influencer for your industry.

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