The American Hip-Hop rapper, songwriter, and singer O$EI from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania follows up in his own style to the resounding success of his previously released single “I’m On”, with yet another astonishingly release single title “Lost”.

“Lost” is a scream from the heart that depicts the mind of O$EI trying to thrive in today’s society not only as a man but as an artist. He argues with himself and the opinions of others in regard to where he is/should be in life. He denies the doubts reassuring himself that he has everything under control.

One fact worthy to mention is the incredible lyrics that electorate the track to a higher purpose, from which emanates a striking grace and soothing femininity that truly hypnotizes the listener. For professional and personal reasons, O$EI has been involved with other activities than just music these past years, but it seems that with the release of “I’m On” and “Lost,” he is here to stay for some time.

Born in Philadelphia and bred artist O$EI (FKA O) has been on the rise and is continually gaining traction. What started as regular church choir appearances and lessons in saxophone and piano has morphed into a genre-bending and bar-stringing career as an artist. First intrigued with the popular early-to-mid 2000s alternative rock and emo punk/pop scene, O$EI was fixated on the vocal stylings of singers like Paramore frontwoman Hayley Williams and the songwriting techniques of Panic! at the Disco and their frontman Brendon Urie.

“Lost” is released via Everything Neon.

Don’t miss O$EI’s new song “Lost” and press play below:


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