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Contact lens is such a wonderful invention to replace the traditional glasses. It has helped millions to look better and get a normal life back along with providing them a better vision than traditional glasses. Contact lenses are film-like device placed on the cornea to correct your vision.

There are several benefits of contact lenses as mentioned below;

  • Corrects your vision accurately.
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Helps you play a number of sports with ease rather than spectacles.
  • Field of view is wider than traditional glasses.
  • A few lenses come with UV protection which eliminates the need to wear goggles altogether.
  • Gives you an aesthetically better look.

Challenges to Order Contact Lenses:

With so many benefits of the contact lenses, the use of it amongst people is rising every year, but this does not negate the fact that getting contact lenses without a prescription is difficult in the US due to the existing policies that a prescription is valid only for a year and a person needs to get a new prescription every year before ordering for contact lenses which makes it difficult for most people to buy contact lenses in the US.

Where Should You Order Lenses?

Vision correction is really crucial for a good quality of life. Contact lens helps in correcting the refractive error and also benefits in maintaining good eye health hence it is highly recommended.

If you need contact lenses for cosmetic purposes, it is really easy to order them anywhere as you do not need a prescription for it but if you wish to place an order for corrective lenses, then you would need a doctor’s prescription if you visit any store to buy these lenses. While we highly recommend that you get your eyes tested once in a while to check if your power has not changed, but if your vision is clear, it is not needed every year hence in such scenarios you are forced to pay an eye doctor unnecessary fees to just rewrite the same prescription

The good news is that there are alternate options where you can order contact lenses without a prescription. Ordering contact lens online is very simple nowadays and sites like lets you order lenses without any prescriptions, hence eliminating the hassle. They let you choose from the variety of brand options like Air Optix, Biofinity, Bausch & Lomb, and Acuvue and different types of contact lenses available such as multifocal Toric contact lenses, monthly disposable contact lenses, or any other lens. You do not need a prescription to order lenses from them and it will be quickly delivered at your doorstep at an affordable price as they ship all over the world, so you are covered.

Final Verdict:

While eliminating visiting eye doctors is not an option but you get the freedom to decide when is the right time to go to an eye doctor as ordering contact lenses online without a prescription is possible now. If you are confident that your existing power has not changed or you want to order contact lenses for cosmetic reasons, buying them online at Conactlenses4us makes it easier than it was ever before.

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