When you’re looking for new smoking supplies in NZ, the selection on offer will blow you away. It doesn’t matter whether you smoke cigars, herbs, tobacco, or you use a vape, there is always going to be a powerhouse of options to see you on your way to a beneficial smoking or vaping experience.

However, in many cases, some products are better than others. Take, for example, the standard disposable lighter and the butane torch. While a disposable lighter can tick all the boxes for many people, a butane torch can be far more beneficial and useful – especially regarding lighting cigars.

Below, we run through the pros and cons and general information of both butane and disposable lighter options, so you can find out what’s right for you.

What is Butane?

Butane is a hydrocarbon gas that’s present in petroleum and natural gas. It’s part of the alkane series and features in smoking supplies in NZ such as disposable lighters and butane torches. It’s highly flammable, colourless, and becomes an easily liquified gas. In essence, there can be nothing better for lighting up a cigar than butane gas.

What Can You Use Butane For?

Aside from disposable lighters and butane torches, you can use butane gas for outdoor barbecues and heaters, cabinet heaters, caravan and motorhome cooking facilities, camping stoves, and so much more. It’s a multipurpose gas that will prove useful in your life at any point in time.

What are the Benefits of Butane?

There are several reasons why butane is most people’s gas of choice. The first standout feature is its price point. Butane tends to be less expensive than the likes of propane, even though they go through the same extraction process. As it’s cheaper, you can spend more money on smoking supplies in NZ such as butane torches, and less money on the fuel to fill them!

Butane also reaches its maximum heating point far quicker than other gases. While this is helpful when you’re cooking, it’s also beneficial if you’re using a butane torch for lighting cigars and cigarettes. It leaves less soot behind and burns cleaner than a standard flame. What’s more, the heat point makes it suitable for dab rigs.

If, however, you use a disposable lighter, you will notice that the top of it gets hot and can burn your hand. That’s one of many reasons why you should look at alternative lighter options such as a butane torch instead of a disposable lighter.

If you find yourself trying to light a cigarette in the wind, then butane in a refillable butane torch becomes a valuable asset. Butane torches are windproof, and you don’t have to contort yourself into all positions as you would with a disposable lighter to try and light your cigarette.

What’s more, butane torches burn cleanly unlike other sources of flame for lighting your smokes. It’s less toxic and doesn’t produce carbon monoxide either.

Why Would You Buy a Butane Torch?

If you love checking out new smoking supplies in NZ, then you will no doubt have come across the significant variety of butane torches on the market. There has to be a reason they exist – they are a premium product that far surpasses the possibilities of a disposable lighter like Bic.

The first standout reason is style options. Unlike disposable lighters which take on one shape, the butane torch variety tends to be something quite special. You can get small ones, large ones, Jet Flame styles, and cigar torches that light your premium cigars to perfection. You can then match your butane torch with a whole range of other premium smoking supplies in NZ so you can look the part in front of your friends.

Why Would You Buy a Disposable Lighter?

In the battle of a butane torch vs. a disposable lighter, it’s clear to see that the butane torch wins. You can light it in the wind, doesn’t leave behind soot in your piece, burns cleanly and is a useful tool for cigarettes, cigars, and more. However, that’s not to say that disposable lighters don’t still have their place in the world.

They are compact and small enough to fit into your pocket, hold an essential place in a safety kit, and you are less likely to worry about someone stealing a Bic at a party than you would a large Jet Flame butane torch. What’s more, they are something of a collectible item – available in a range of colours. However, they burn hot at the top and don’t tend to burn as cleanly as a butane torch.


If you want to know which is better – the butane torch or a disposable lighter, then you will quickly discover that both options have their benefits. But the pull toward the butane torch is stronger. If you want a stylish item to add to your other smoking supplies in NZ, then a butane torch could be it. It’s practical, affordable, and can light up that cigar with far more efficacy than anything else.

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