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Which professional to choose to build your house?

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You have spotted the ideal land to build your house. The next step is to find the right professional for your project. Several solutions are available to you: the architect, the general building contractor or the builder of a detached house. How to make your choice? What are the specificities of each type of professional? Our experts take stock.

There are many players in the single-family home construction sector and to make the right choice between all these professionals, it is important not to rely solely on the price of individual services. For a safe, comfortable and healthy home, we recommend that you first of all inform yourself well upstream and ensure their skills and qualities.

What plan for your house?

Depending on the professional, you will not get the same type of benefit.

With an architect

This professional starts from the blank page to offer you a tailor-made house. During your discussions, you will explain your project to him by evoking your needs and your tastes. The architect will then imagine, according to your budget, the best way to structure the space by calculista on volumes and light. He will make proposals for structure and materials. Make sure that the proposed project fits well within your budget in terms of completion.

With a builder

Most often, the houses offered by the builder are based on standardized plans. These plans allow you to benefit from optimized spaces and rationalized costs, but your home can also be custom designed. Based on a library of plans, the builder is able to offer you several styles and several types of layout allowing you to make your choice. If you wish to benefit from adaptations or changes to the initial plans, these modifications must be quantified and appear in the descriptive notice attached to the contract. Note, however, that any additional work occurring during construction will be the subject of additional amendments and may result in additional costs.

With a general building contractor

The general contractor does not design the house: it is not their job. You therefore need to have a solid design dossier (architectural and technical dossier) drawn up by a third party which will allow the company to cost the work and then carry it out correctly. You remain in control of the choice of all interior elements (kitchen, flooring, bathroom fittings, paintings etc.). Make sure you communicate your needs and budget to your business in great detail.

To know

The general building contractor takes responsibility for all the work for a fixed price determined at the outset, even if going through it does not prevent additional work, which will increase this fixed cost.

It is qualified as an all-trades company, because it brings together all the skills necessary for the realization of your house until the reception of the work.

What contract do you sign?

You sign an architect contract. After having sent him your wishes for your future home, ask him for a contract proposal. You will then define the method of remuneration: fixed price or percentage of work. With regard to the various stakeholders on the site, it is you, as the owner, who sign the works contracts. The architect will submit them to you after selecting the craftsmen with you.

With a builder

The builder has the obligation to comply with the notices to the letter, such as the guarantee to deliver the house on time and at the agreed price. The contract also covers additional costs and delays in receiving your home. It grants you a withdrawal period of four months after its signature. It is therefore the most protective contract.

With a general building contractor

The general contractor does not take care of the administrative aspects of your site. It is simply responsible for building your house in accordance with the plans and descriptions of the work that you have provided to it. The general contractor manages and coordinates the site workers, whether it uses its own workers or subcontractors. Make sure you specify whether it uses subcontractors and check that they are well insured for the work that will be entrusted to them.

What insurance do you need to take out?

Structural damage insurance is mandatory and is systematically taken out by the owner, that is to say you. It applies to all disorders covered by the ten-year guarantee (relating to the solidity or waterproofing of the house). Its purpose is to reimburse or perform all repairs covered by the ten-year guarantee, without waiting for a court decision. Depending on the type of professional, the payment and subscription terms change.

We hope this article is useful.

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