For your upcoming busy mom stories who adventure with their kids and face unexpected challenges, please consider the Mommy Go Bag and the EvacPak Field Kit, military-inspired, functional, and fashionable “go bags” beautifully and efficiently designed to keep everything you need conveniently packaged and organized. Developed by a mom, traveler, and outdoor enthusiast, Jillian Coburn was caught off-guard by her son’s unpleasant episodes of projectile vomiting. Tackling the problem head-on, she created the Mommy Go Bag and the EvacPak Field Kit, keeping busy women warriors looking savvy, acting smart, and staying sane through their travels! Please support the Indiegogo campaign here:

Jillian says, “There is a reason why I chose the supplies that are included in the bag, the design of the bag, and what makes it better than ordinary bags that a mom would have to assemble themselves.”

Coburn began the journey when her military husband had his deployment. Baby Lonnie was sick and with a plane to catch for the yellow ribbon event in D.C,  Baby threw up and there was no diaper bag in sight, so they sat in an airplane for hours smelling of vomit. Her ‘aha’ moment was to create a solution for moms and dads on the go.

The Mommy Go Bag and EvacPak are superior to other ordinary mom-and-baby products because of their unique and stylish design, the wide assortment of useful supplies and accessories stocked with, convenience, portability, and affordability. The Mommy Go Bag includes a pocket for dirty or clean clothes, outside pocket for mobile device, space for a laptop, a diaper pad pocket on the bottom of the bag, backpack straps that tuck away when not in use, a roll top for easy expansion, and a cooler pocket. The EvacPak features a hard outside clamshell case and refillable supplies that include large wet wipes, stain stick, Pedialyte powder packs, Pepto Kids’ Chewables, vomit bag rolls, hand sanitizer, chewable aspirin, thermometer strips, Febreze, and a disposable bag for soiled clothing.

The first 1000 customers will receive the bag and the kit for only $100.00- 28% off the retail price.

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