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Two or three decades ago, American cartoons were all the rage. In Europe, Asia, Africa, and definitely the Americas, everywhere where there was a TV, kids watched American-made animation movies and shows. Now, that’s still very much the case, except we have an enormous variety to choose from. You don’t have just a few channels and programs to choose from, and neither do you have to watch what’s running on the TV at all. Anyone can hop on the internet and watch whatever they want. 

Anime is not an exception to this, but rather a part of the worldwide globalization and sharing of cultures that is occurring at every moment. Thirty years ago, it was the American culture that dominated the globe, but now more than ever, all cultures clash and are fighting for attention. The Japanese anime industry is getting a lot of attention because it’s so special. They make a different kind of art form than other nations, and we can definitely see that with our own eyes. 

They Want You To Be A Viewer

That’s right! You! If you are reading this, chances are you not Japanese. And, most likely your parents or at least grandparents had or still have no clue whatsoever over what Anime is. Only in recent times has this genre of animation become popular overseas, and for a very precise reason.

The Japanese market is a small one, and it’s saturated with Anime. In its homeland, a huge chunk of the population watches anime on a daily basis. It has hit the roof of popularity, and there are few places to grow. Adding to that the fact that the Japanese are swiftly shrinking (they have one of the lowest birth rates in the world), moviemakers understand that they have to capitalize on other regions. 

And that means that they want you as a viewer, a foreigner. As a consequence of their desire, they are adapting their content so that you like it as well. They are incorporating many western themes and techniques to broaden their audience, and they are quite successful in it. In the English-speaking world, the anime industry is growing rapidly, producing quite a lot of fans and revenue as well. This is why it’s gaining popularity. 

It’s A Whole New World

Humans get accustomed to things pretty quickly. There is not much novelty in the next Disney movie, no matter how you slice it. Anime, on the other hand, is a completely different animal to the average Western viewer. It’s flashy, exciting, and it’s offering you something you haven’t tested yet. Even though it’s the same television story, it has got a different pace, visuals, even soundtracks are unalike. 

For the same reason that Italian cuisine can be found all over the world, anime is gaining popularity as well. It’s just that good, and it’s what the people want. And people like to get what they want, especially when they are paying for something. With the advent of streaming services such as Netflix or Hulu, many anime shows are available with a single click on your computer. This makes it even more appealing and accessible to everyone who is even remotely interested.

Last year, a Japanese movie broke the five hundred million dollars barrier at the box office, and that’s the first time that country made a movie crossing that half a billion mark. That’s saying a lot about anime popularity. And it’s a great movie as well. If being one of the most popular movies ever not a good enough reason for you to watch it, read a review by a local Japanese blog It will definitely convince you to give it a shot.

Because It Can

Anime is growing, evolving, and becoming a thing an increasing amount of people all over the world love and watch on a consistent basis. It’s an art form we’ve grown to appreciate, and it’s here to stay for as long as we do. With anime, artists can tell stories as no one else can, and we want to watch them.

As diversity is shooting through the roof in the 21st century, so will the popularity of previously fringe forms of art such as anime. We have now seen that it’s truly capable of subverting our expectations in a good way, with plenty of the now classical movies, animes, and mangas produce in the Far East Country. If you want to dive deep into this territory, we suggest starting out with the most known fan classics such as the ones on this list.

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