Elearning is becoming popular day by day. Because of its flexibility in acquiring the required degree or easy way of learning, many students worldwide are preferring learning online. There are several media of learning; some are free and some are paid. For example, those who want to learn WordPress can learn through free video sharing platform like YouTube. Either free or paid, there are one common thing is missing. The missing thing is interaction through emotion. As an example, when a teacher takes a class he can study the behavior of students to determine the student’s capabilities and weak points. But in the case of learning, these emotions are not present. Therefore the instructor needs to follow some basic rules to make his lesson more interactive, convertible and understandable. Therefore, instructional design for eLearning is very much important for the instructor and the learner to convert learning into real life scenario.
Online Learning

So, what are the basic Qualities an Online Instructor Should Have?

  • Demonstration of Goals

A good instructor knows what he is going to teach and what will be the outcome of learning. So, before beginning the teaching, he will clearly demonstrate the goals and objectives of the study. Through this process, he will be able to push a clear mindset among his students about the course. The students will feel motivated once they came across the course contents and objectives, the outcome of the study.

  • Engaging a Learner

A good online instructor is that person, who can engage his students in his lecture. This is also true for a real-life teacher too. In case of online instruction, the instructor can show engaging video, can give a motivational speech or act as an actor/actress to portrait what he is going to demonstrate. By following, some special techniques the instructor can attract the learner’s mind to stick to his lecture until its end. Moreover, he will present the lecture is such a manner, that the learner will feel the encouragement to complete the home tasks.

  • Voice Modulation

Voice of the instructor is the most important quality. The voice of producing lectures will be energetic, not too loud, enthusiastic. Moreover, the instructor would need to do voice modulation to let students know the important part of the study. Attractive voices attract the students most and stick the students to the learning.

  • Generating Questions

A good online instructor will not reveal everything to his students. Rather, he will generate some questions from the students of which some will be answered and some will be assigned as home tasks. Through generating questions, new topics are identified to be learned by both the students and the instructor.

Elearning design is the utmost task of an instructor. An undesigned and haphazard course is not going to be a successful one. So, follow some rules and be a successful entrepreneur in teaching online courses. Moreover, if you become a successful instructor, this could be a good source of income for the instructor.

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