Different boat owners have different points of view when it comes to tinting their windows. Some think of it as the most beneficial thing that saves from heat and gives privacy while exploring the waters while some think that it is quite an unnecessary thing and can be dangerous by making the visibility low, especially at night.

Boat window tint is beneficial in any way as you only need to make sure that what is the right level of tinting you should have which can also cut down the daytime glare and then keep the night time visibility clearer as well. You also need to know how to tint boat windows.

Is Tinting the Boat Window a Good Idea?

The answer to this question is totally based on the scenario and opinions. Here are some pros and cons that can help you to make a decision.


  • Helps to keep the boat cooler
  • Offers more shade in the boat
  • Keep the electric appliances cool
  • Saves dashboard from cracks and fading
  • Less glare


  • Low visibility at night
  • Expensive
  • Hard to set on curved glass
  • Can be illegal in your area

Benefits of Boat Window Tint

Having tinted windows on your boat comes with a bunch of amazing advantages.

  1. Reduced Heat

On functional level, it gives the advantage of reduced penetration of heat and light that is coming directly from sun. It helps in keeping you safe from them through the interior of your boat. It is the most noticeable advantage that can keep your interior cool when you have a closed cabin rather than the open cockpit. In the enclosed place with tinted windows, you will find a cool and calm environment that will be comfortable and relaxing for you to boat. If you are spending more time on water than on land, you definitely need comfort and tints can give you this.

  1. More Privacy

Windows with tints give you more privacy and it is important when you are sleeping in the boat at the time of docking. If you are having a larger boat then your guests can move around freely and comfortably if your windows are tinted. You also need to consider that tint can only provide privacy in the daylight when the outside light is more than inside light. This why you need to close the blinds in night.

  1. Reduced Harmful UV

Also not forget to consider how reduced UV can be helpful for your health. If you are going out on water regularly, sunscreen is something that you should never forget. But even with sunscreen, you cannot avoid the dangerous exposure to sun. it will not only you that will be benefiting from the tinting on windows but the items in your boat also are affected by sun rays. The windowsills decay with time and the interior finishing can fade so having a powerful and strong UV barrier film on the window is important. It can save anything from the exposure of sun from navigational kit to leather seating.

Sun rays can cause eye disease for you and they can easily degenerate the eye like cataracts that you might need to fix through surgery afterward. Sun exposure darkens the skin permanently and can give dark spots that can lead to cancer.

  1. Reduced Glare in Daylight

Window tinting can reduce the glare in the day time and yet it does not affect the visibility in night time as well. Glare from sun and the reflected glare from water can make it hard for you to see and it can increase the chance of meeting in an accident. Getting your boat window tinted can allow you to be on boat safely during day and night. Reduced glare helps you to see clearly for the obstruction in water that you should avoid. It also allows to see other boats easily around you that can keep you away from getting in an accident.

How to Tint Boat Windows?

You need to follow a few steps to tint your boat windows. Firstly spray the soapy water on the window and then wipe off really good. Now rub a dry cloth on the window and wait for it to dry. Now unroll the tint film and with a new razor blade cut out the form of the window as close as you can. Now shape the tint film on the window.

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