Ukuleles are starting to be very popular, and while they may not overtake the guitar as the mainstream stringed instrument of choice, they are definitely on the rise.

For the past few years, we are seeing ukuleles pop up everywhere, from major pop music videos to our favorite Instagram accounts. If you are on the fence about whether you get a ukulele or not, then here are a few reasons why it may be a good idea.

It’s the Trendy Thing to Do Right Now

Did you know that ukuleles are seeing a greater sales increase than just about any other musical instrument? It’s insane to see how many of them are flying off store shelves these days. If you want to be popular, cool or on trend, then pick up a ukulele this summer and start playing. You may already know some people who play this four-stringed instrument, so you are already partway to joining that in-crowd.

It’s Super Simple to Learn

That brings us to another reason why you ought to play the uke- it’s so easy to get good at. You don’t have to be a musical prodigy to play a few songs on the ukulele. Because it only has a few strings, it is the kind of instrument that most people can pick up and play fairly well after just a few lessons. Once you learn a few chords, you can play all sorts of songs. You might not be a master ukulele artist at that point, but you can put on a pretty good show and feel good about what you have accomplished.

If you are thinking to pick up a musical instrument for the summer, then maybe you should choose one that you could actually learn over the summer and not feel like you wasted your time trying get started with a more complex instrument. Ukuleles are perfect for just about anyone to pick up and learn something quickly, so they are the obvious choice for a summer break from school or even during a summer vacation.

Ukuleles Are Portable

As anyone who has learned to play a larger instrument can attest, it can be hard work to lug around a guitar or a tuba to concerts, recitals, lessons or just for practice. With the small and portable ukulele, you can take your instrument wherever you are and not have to endure a workout in the process. Many people like to take their ukes out on the beach or to go to a friend’s house, and the ukulele is small enough that it won’t make it tough to fit into a seat on the subway or the bus as you travel with it. Best of all, it comes in four different sizes, and you use sites like Music Groupies to find the size that works best for you.

An Affordable Instrument

Taking up a musical instrument to play can seem like more than just a challenge of your skill and patience. It can also be trying on your finances, as many instruments sell for hundreds and even thousands of dollars, if you are going into purchase a quality one. With ukuleles, the initial investment bar is a lot lower. You don’t have to pay even $100 to get a good quality ukulele that you can start strumming professional-sounding songs on. Yes, there are more expensive versions out there that will offer up somewhat better quality, but the level of quality there is only marginally better than what you get with an under-$100 uke. In other words, just about anyone can afford them, which makes them the perfect musical instrument for struggling college students, kids with an allowance or the adult who is eager to learn a new instrument but has to justify fitting the expense into their budget.

Ukuleles Are Happy Instruments

The sound that ukuleles make is a lot lighter and more upbeat than your average guitar chord. Ukes are known to be uplifting and happy instruments that people play when they are doing something they love. Ukulele music is often used in commercials to sell a feeling of happiness to go along with whatever product is being sold. If you want to play something that leaves you feeling more joyful and not like you are mourning over a lost love, then give the ukulele a try. The chipper tones will be likely to not just brighten up your day, but also the day of everyone around you. It’s tough to feel sad and depressed when you are playing a ukulele, so use it to avoid a summertime slump and to go into the fall season with a smile on your face.

The ukulele may not look like much when compared against the more common and larger guitar or some other imposing instrument, but you should definitely give it a try this summer. If you have tried other instruments and been intimidated by the learning process, then ukes can be a great alternative.

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