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How to Choose a Cryptocurrency Exchange

When you are choosing a cryptocurrency exchange, it’s important that you get many features that you wouldn’t get anywhere else.

Not only that, but it’s important that you find an exchange which offers many secure features like secondary authentication (known as 2-step authentication, and excellent security for themselves to help keep yourself safe from hackers.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to choose a cryptocurrency exchange and even give you one of the really good ones that offers groundbreaking features that have never been utilized to its fullest potential.

The Crypto Heist

In 2018, cryptocurrency theft was at its peak, but now it’s started to die down a little bit, as people are becoming more aware of their own private security with cryptocurrency exchanges. In early 2019 though, the biggest “heist” was actually an accident, when a young company owner of a cryptocurrency exchange died and over 250 million dollars worth of cryptocurrency keys were lost so people couldn’t withdraw their money when the company folded.

However, there are more and more ways to keep your own cryptocurrency safe, and you can think of it like a roleplaying game. Save frequently to your own devices and you have a higher chance for keeping your saved information and crypto keys.

Choosing the Right Platform

Cryptocurrency exchanges have been around since Bitcoin itself emerged, but most importantly, they’re gaining more and more popularity with referrals, and more. There are some things to notice though – a lot of crypto exchanges don’t allow crypto-trading in every single country, so it’s important to know what to choose and where you want your coins stored.

There are ways around this, such as using proxies in order to keep your cryptocurrency in “offshore” crypto-banks, and more. But most importantly, the United States has been impacted the most when it comes to cryptocurrency trading, as many websites don’t offer features that cater to the average American, but do for other countries like Europe and Asia.

You Want a High User Base and Volume of Crypto

This means that the more cryptocurrency is actually available on the site, the better. You want to keep in mind though that sometimes it’s better that a few people may have large amounts, and this can be great. Beware of sites where it appears that the same user by numerous aliases (like one letter or number off of a username) holds onto tons of tiny amounts. These can be considered pyramid schemes and can rip you off quick.

Conclusion: The Social Media Platform

By far, one of the most anticipated exchanges out there, sites like Facebook, Twitter, and more have been a place where people frequent the most. So why not have an exchange available for you and your closest friends to do your own trading with each other? This is where the new special and secure https://rubix.io website comes out. It starts out with a premier EU-based blockchain trading platform, but will be able to trade numerous popular currencies, as well as be completely secure. You can pre-register and even get the app in its early developmental stages on Google Play and Apple Store. You can already send money to others on Facebook, so why not be able to send cryptocurrencies too?

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