Why you need DeBounce for your email marketing

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If you have a business that marketing via email, then an email validation solution is what you need. You certainly don’t want to waste your valuable time dealing with inactive or even spam emails. The internet has affected billions of people and some of them use email on a regular basis so email marketing, although often considered obsolete, remains a very effective marketing method.

About email marketing

Email marketing is cheap, unlimited and easy to do for anyone. But this is still not really free of problems. As mentioned above, you may be dealing with invalid e-mails or, worse, e-mails that were created intentionally for spamming purposes. You will find a group of people who pretend to be customers but they have a goal to violate your company policy. They can do harm but they can be prevented with special software.

You need an email verification solution and that is DeBounce

The question is WHY?

DeBounce is a web application that offers an email verification solution. This solution is also commonly called an email confirmation solution. This tool can keep your service free of spammers. If you have a website that offers free trials within a certain period, DeBounce is for you. It carries a unique algorithm that is able to provide a list of real email addresses and users on the platform.

The features offered by DeBounce

DeBounce offers a variety of features that are difficult to resist, including:

1. Detection of temporary e-mail addresses

This is a very important feature because it can detect spamming emails. Usually spamming emails are temporary emails that are deliberately made to be used briefly and then deactivated. During this time they are difficult to trace but now no longer thanks to DeBounce.

2. DeBounce provides the Email Verification API

Website integration is important if you want to develop your digital marketing. For information, you can integrate your site with several popular email providers, one of which is Mail Chimp. DeBounce, on the other hand, supports WordPress CMS and is able to integrate email in WordPress format.

3. Advanced Eliminator Syntax

Advanced eliminator syntax is available on the dashboard. This tool works to delete all emails that do not follow syntactic rules, thereby removing spammers from your system. Don’t worry because you can find this feature from the registration page.

4. Minimize Bouncing

It is a fact that most spammers use expired domains and e-mails associated with them. With a special algorithm, DeBounce is able to create combinations, which involve SMTP web tools, which are able to get rid of hard bounce email addresses from your system. Once deleted they cannot use that to create a new account.

5. DeBounce is able to confirm the domain

This tool can scan many domains and find them out of date. Usually spammers use e-mail related to expired domains so that by scanning these domains you can minimize the risk of spamming.

With the great features above, there is no doubt that DeBounce.io is what you need. Create your DeBounce account now and get 100 free credits!


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