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Why You Need to Hire Live Entertainment for Your Wedding

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There are a lot of reasons a wedding would be unforgettable, but a dance floor full of guests that lasts into the wee hours of the morning is a major one. Music is one of the most important items on a wedding day checklist from the first dance, to the family dances, to the music that moves the day along, it adds a level of ambience to every moment. A group of talented musicians can really add an extra level of spice to the big day.

  1. It’s unique

    • Musicians will bring their own personality and stage performance on your big day. They will interact with your guests with guitar solos and fun interpretations of your favorite songs. They can even add some fun dance moves to your repertoire that you would never do, such as latin dancers for weddings.

  1. Creative flexibility

    • Live entertainment can extend their set list or even shorten it if something comes up. They can even “alter” lyrics to fit requests and respond to spur-of-the-moment situations.

  1. Great memories

    • A live performance by interactive musicians will be talked about for years to come rather than talking about a DJ who couldn’t stop playing the “Chicken Dance.”

  1. Entertainment value and energy

    • A band gets the audience’s energy up and on the dance floor. It gives your guests something to watch whether they are dancing or not. And, they get to experience a live performance up close and personal.

  1. Playlist

    • A great wedding band will have an expansive playlist that could span any genre you want. It will play all the wedding greats like “Shout” or “The Twist,” along with some current classics. Some bands will even learn new songs that you want on your playlist and they will also give a list of what they can play and what they can learn.

  1. Sound Control

    • A band can tailor their sound levels to the wishes of the guests and the vibe of the ceremony. They can play background music while guests are eating and turn up the energy when everyone is ready to get on the dance floor.

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