With football season officially underway, America can now turn their full attention into what has become the new de facto national pastime.

With all due respect and apologies to baseball fans everywhere but football has all be surpassed baseball regarding popularity and passion.

Thanks to an unmatched opening week in college football that saw instant classics, such as Ole-Miss letting a 28-6 lead over Florida State slip away and turn into a 45-34 loss, Texas FINALLY defeating an ancient nemesis in Notre Dame in a 50-47 double overtime thriller, defending national champion Alabama proverbially crush a talented-laden USC team 52-6 and runner-up Clemson escaping Auburn 19-13, you can see why football is where it’s at.

And we haven’t even talked about the NFL, which is set to kick off today as the defending Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos will boost their third championship banner in a rematch against reigning NFL MVP Cam Newton and the visiting Carolina Panthers.

That being said, welcome to football!

Thanks to the Rams relocating back to Los Angeles, record ratings and unheralded parity, the NFL is the undisputed kingpin in American sports.

Want proof? Just watch the HBO series Ballers or Will Smith take on the NFL in the drama “Concussion.”

What is also more surprising is that women are becoming just as big as football fans as men.

In a sport as violent and macho as football, women compose 45 percent of all NFL fans. That is very surprising considering the off the field incidents involving Ray Rice and Greg Hardy.

Despite all of this, you have a lot of women, who are just fans of the sport and follow it with unbridled passion. There are quite a few models who are just as passionate and die-hard as most men when it comes to the pigskin.

One of them being promo-fashion model Riza Oliva.

The diminutive Philippine-born, Philadelphia-area raised Oliva, who has modeled for a variety of brands on Instagram, is as die-hard, passionate and knowledgeable about the game of football than any man could ever be.

The 4’11 Temple alum is not afraid to express her opinion when it comes to sports, let alone football, as she proves that good things come in small packages. The shapely and exotic-looking Oliva is proof that if there is one thing that men love, is a hot woman who can keep up with them, especially in football.

Below are my Q and A with RiZa as we discuss modeling, fantasy football, some more football, Ballers and of course, who will win it all this year.

(Image courtesy of CSAW Studios)

Name: Riza Oliva

Age: 27

Height: 4’11

Birthplace: Cebu, Philippines

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Measurements: 32DD-25-34


R.C. What brands have you modeled for?

R.O. “Which one do you enjoy modeling for the most? I’ve modeled for several up-and-coming brands from fitness to couture to accessories. I have kept close ties with the owners of the companies, so I enjoy modeling for all of them respectively.”


R.C. Where has been your favorite place to shoot?

R.O. “I love outdoor shoots, so I am always excited to shoot anywhere outdoors.”


R.C. What is the most exciting aspect of modeling?

R.O. “The most exciting aspect of modeling is creating an idea and finally bringing it to life. To see the end results of something your team has worked so hard on is amazing.”


R.C. With fall right around the corner, what fashion and style tips and trends do you have for looking good when the temperature drops?

R.O. “Knee high boots is a must have during the fall season. It can be worn with many different outfit choices from a sweater dress to tight jeans.”

(Image courtesy of Unlimited)

R.C. Within the industry, who is your inspiration?

R.O. “I have always loved Adriana Lima.”


R.C. What is your secret to staying in shape?

R.O. “My cousins, EJ & Kristian, have always helped me stay in shape, but I also love playing sports and doing outdoor activities. I try to eat clean when I can.”


R.C. Outside of modeling, what are your hobbies?

R.O. “I enjoy catching up on sleep and spending time with my family and friends.”


R.C. Sports question: Who are your favorite teams and clubs?

R.O. I would have to go with the Philly home teams. I love football the most, and Peyton Manning is my favorite quarterback even though he recently retired.”


(Image courtesy of Brad Kingett)

R.C. As some of your shoots suggest, you’re a bit of a football junkie, how did you first get into football?

R.O. “I grew up in a sports-oriented family and have a lot of male influence in my life. Football became a part of something that I enjoyed watching and playing.”


R.C. Question? Since you’re a fellow football fan, are you also a Ballers fan? If so, who is your fave character and why?

R.O. “It’s funny because I started trying to watch it. I’ve only gotten to episode two of the first season and haven’t fully gotten into it yet, so I can’t answer. But I’ve always loved Dwayne(Johnson) as an actor lol.”


R.C. With the NFL season set to start, who are your pick to win it all?

R.O. “Wow, that’s a tough one! Well, I either expect the Patriots or the Packers to win it all this year.”


R.C. Fantasy football? Who is your top player and who would you draft?

R.O. “My fantasy draft is not until a few days from now, but my top player would be Antonio Brown, and I would draft Brown, Beckham Jr., or Peterson if I had 1 of the top 3 picks.”


R.C. You know that you are the epitome of every guy’s wet dream in being a football fan, are you single or spoken for?

R.O. “Unfortunately…I am still single! LOL!


R.C. College football? Who is your team, and who do you think will win it all and dethrone Alabama?

R.O. “I do not follow college football as much as I do with the NFL, but I am a Temple University Alumni so my team would have to be the Temple Owls. I know LSU has always been a strong team in college football, so I guess I would choose them to win it all.”


(Image courtesy of Brad Kingett)

R.C. Any plans to attend the 2017 NFL Draft, now that it has been officially confirmed to take place in Philly?

R.O. “I’m excited that the 2017 Draft will be in Philadelphia and would love to go!”


R.C. With Peyton hanging it up, who is your new favorite player currently playing?

R.O. “I do not have a favorite player at the moment, but I am excited for football to start and see who will have a great season. I predict AP(Vikings running back Adrian Peterson) will do well this season since he was out last season, and since Bridgewater is injured, they will need to use even more of their running game.”


R.C. What are your thoughts on the Sam Bradford trade, does it help/hurt Minnesota or Philly more?

R.O. I think it will help Minnesota more with their offense. Now they will have a more reliable quarterback on top of their strong running game with AP back this season. I do not think it will affect the Eagles as much because they are still building their team and chemistry. There hasn’t been a right fit for a quarterback in Philly, yet so we will see how they do this season.”


R.C. What are your favorite cities to travel to?

R.O. “I enjoy traveling a lot so cities that I have never been to are always my favorite cities to see.”


R.C. What advice would you give to women aspiring to get into modeling?

R.O. “I would tell them to try it and see if they like it. It can be a confidence builder. Also, to always give it their all no matter if it’s their first shoot or their 20th.”

Special thanks to Ms. Riza Oliva for her time during the interview. Images are used with permission and are the property of their respective owners.

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