It’s quite rare to find a woman completely satisfied with her body. There are always parts of your body that you don’t want to show and those that you want to flaunt. Well, the secret sauce for doing this is to understand dressing as an art.

And there’s no better way of showing yourself to the world and flaunt about it than being dressed classy. From Valentino red gowns to palette embellished, we bring you the classy outfits that women of style have worn from time-to-time.

Ladies, being classy is like being a diva with style, elegance, sophistication, uber polished etiquettes, benevolent grace and refined finesse. Yes, all these classy words reflect your style when you dress to be chic. And to dress chic you need to own these must-have classy accessories to make your style timeless piece of art.

1. Black Pumps: Pair of basic black pumps has their own place when it comes to dressing classy. These shoes are universal for any dress – be it jeans, dressing for a date night or for office-wear. Black pumps don’t just extend your wardrobe, they also last forever if your take care about the quality, design, brand and build of the shoes.

You should ideally go for a timeless pair that is the closed, almond-shape toe style. Yes the round-toe and pointy-toe pumps do look fabulous but the almond-shape always manages to steal the spotlight and looks fashionable as always.

Choose matte leather over patent or suede as it is resistant to the transitions of seasons. A pair of peep-toe pumps not only look more casual but are also less formal than closed-toe shoes. Adding a color to this style can make even a bland outfit look exaggeratedly sexy. You can always try the non-neutral color like red, suave brown, timeless maroon

2. Trench Coat: Functional, flattering, and super-classic – trench coats look extremely great on all body types. Its waist-defining look is the reason why it’s been en vogue since ages. It is virtually dress worthy with any outfit – dress, jeans, pants. It is classy as it is professional dress for rainy days, beginning of winters, drizzly days of fall and spring.

You just need to keep the trench coat neutral, especially if you are dressing it to be the basis of your entire ensemble. Keep in mind classic detailing such as -medium lapels, a double-breasted bodice, and a tie at the waist. If you want the best-quality trenches you should opt for lined cotton gabardine fabric, but leather and poplin also make for good choices.

Trenches give you a serious professional look, so buying a faux leather jacket could lighten up your wardrobe. Opt for a neutral leather jacket that has moto details such as buckles and zippers gives a perfect finish to a weekend dress over the common weekday trench coat.

3. Dark Wash Jeans: Jeans of course are a staple that makes any woman’s wardrobe lavish. So the bigger pie of your denim budget should go on buying dark washout jeans. Just a pair of jeans can be accessorized with literally anything to give you shades and range to your wardrobe.

Dark jeans can be worn with flats for lunch get-together, paired with a sparkly top and heels, formal party or holiday extravaganza. What you need to bear in mind while buying jeans is the body’s shape and type.

High-rise straight jeans look flattering on apple shaped bodies, boot-cut goes well for pear shaped while the ruler shapes look excellent in rock skinny jeans. Go for dark color that come with minimal whiskering or fading.

These are qualities that look less classic and trendier. Washing jeans has a rule that much follow. And that is to turn them inside out and using cold water while washing to keep that rich color intact. Colored jeans – red or yellow – is a great way to pep up your wardrobe to brighter side.

4. Pencil Skirt: Pencil shape skirt is the most universally appealing, classic and extremely flattering piece of outfit that must and I repeat must own even if it is just one skirt that you’ll buy for your life. The high rise and knee-skimming length make pencil skirts perfect for everyone for any events and situations.

5. Riding Boots: Ankle booties, heeled boots, rugged boots – dress according to the seasons and your personal style.

Yes, you always buy the cheap and flashy pairs from time to time. But as a must-have you should invest in good quality sleek leather riding boots. These classic knee-lengths, no-heel boots can serve your classic outfit season after season. They look damn gorgeous when paired by dresses, skirts, and pants, and look sensible too.

6. A Tailored Button-Up: Button-up shirts are bit tricky and more so if you are a bit busty. Nothing looks as classic or women’s trendy clothing as a well-tailored, well tucked button-up shirt paired with jeans or a skirt. It is also great for layering underneath sweaters to expand your wardrobe options. However, it is important to make the shirt well-fitted and not at all sloppy.

7. Blazer: Blazer is a might versatile outfit that enjoys an unrivalled position in wardrobe. Wear it with jeans or heels or use to tone down a cocktail dress. Plus the classic cut of blazer give it the property to define any figure it hugs. A basic, black blazer is a must-have for any women’s closet.

8. Neutral Satchel: From slouchy hobos to structured clutches the options is huge. Choose a neutral satchel that is more rectangular shaped and has lots of pockets to maximize storage. This kind of structure goes well with clothes and is also great for shopping trips.

9. A Little Black Dress: It’s a sin to not have a black dress that can be worn for almost all occasion. Not only is this color classis it is one of the most iconic dresses of all time. When in doubt go for black because its sassy, its classic, its sharp, and it’s definitely every bit fashionable.

10. A Perfect White T-Shirt: Finally, the best way to sign off a closet is to stock it with a perfect, classic white T. It’s not just the fit; it is the neckline that makes it very flattering to all body types. A white T is simply harmless and can be paired with a scarf, sunglasses while shopping or with a dress too along with a blazer for work.

Author Bio: Sloane Beck is a fashion blogger by interest and a creative designer by profession. She lives and breathes fashion which is reflected in her brand – AlysseSterling, a line of womens trendy clothing and fashion clutches. “Live, laugh, and let your style be expressed” is her motto for life.


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