Escort. It’s a world very few of us outside of it know and even fewer understand, but the world of escort services and high-end modeling is one of intrigue, sex and secrecy.

Names such as Marilyn Monroe, Denise Richards and Raquel Welch and Sophie Anderton all got their storied careers started in the escort industry as the proverbial arm candy to big-name Hollywood names early in their lives. To those in Hollywood it is common knowledge that being an escort is a path to modeling—and eventually acting.

While some may look at being an escort as a bad thing or negative, modern-day personalities such as the Hollywood Madam, Heidi Fleiss, Starz’s escort drama, The Girlfriend Experience and the growing synergy between Instagram models and companies from various parts of Europe, Asia, the United States and the United Kingdom, looking to work with them and their services, and being a “elite” model is not what it used to be.

Once such person who has been a part of this complex world of beauty, power and riches is Los Angeles-based model/escort and actress, Tiffany Champagne. Born on the East Coast in New York, the thirty-something Big Apple bombshell has modeling for the likes of Playboy, Bobbie Brooks Swimwear, Morgan Taylor Jewelry, Fredericks of Hollywood Lingerie, Macys and appear in TV and film roles such as General Hospital and Young and the Restless.

A long-legged stunner at 5’7 with curves and a head-turning and eye-catching figure, Champagne is indeed like a fine wine that has gotten better and only more beautiful with age.

Below is my in-depth Q and A with Tiffany as we talk about the world of high-end escorts, The Hef, Girlfriend Experience, and the growth of modeling on Instagram.


Name: Tiffany Champagne

Age: 35+

Height: 5’7

Birthplace: New York City, New York

Measurements: 34DD-25-34

Social Media Links:  Website: and | Instagram: @tiffany_champagne | Youtube: | Tumblr:

Modeling Agency: Tiffany Champagne

Notable Brands, Publications and Media Featured In: Dreamvixens Magazine October 2017 Issue, Body-Rockin Magzine (Sept 2017) ievre Magazine, Morgan Taylor Jewelry, Fredericks of Hollywood Lingerie, Secret’s in Lace, Travel to Catalina (Film), General Hospital (TV), Bobbie Brooks Swimwear, Boudoir Photography (Film), Macy’s (Fashion), In Search of Marilyn (Film-Japan), Everything Goes (TV), Young and Restless (TV), Acupressure Technique (Film), Playboy Lingerie and Arco


Let me first start off by saying that you are absolutely stunning! What is your secret to looking and staying so beautiful? I believe in taking care or yourself. I find that eating the right food is essential to being healthy. I eat the right diet which I  find works for me. Then exercise regularly

As a model who has posed and appeared in Playboy and various other glamour magazines, what are your thoughts on the passing of Hugh Hefner? I think Hugh was a brilliant man. He was definitely a legend in his understanding of glamour and beauty. I felt very sad to hear he passed. I loved going to the Mansion and all the people there are first-class.

Thoughts on the growth of glamour modeling via Instagram and social media? I think it’s fabulous. Instagram gives a lot of new faces the chance to being discovered.

You describe yourself as an “elite LA model” and an escort to various events, what’s that like and what do you enjoy about it the most? I find it a great way to meet great guys being a dinner companion. Of course, I haven’t met anyone I want to settle with as yet. I love going to the Laker games also or dining on the beaches of Santa Monica.

I am busy with shoots and going on some auditions so this is a way I love to meet great men, I also learn from. Learning is the key in life.

Since you’re also into acting and entertainment, what are your thoughts on Starz’s show, The Girlfriend Experience and the GFE/escort world, is it accurate, liberties taken, etc.? I think the world is becoming more open in general. Whatever these adults do in private is private basically. I don’t have a special spyglass to get involved in it, nor do I wish to (but) I am sure a lot of liberties taken everywhere.

As a businesswoman, working and living in Los Angeles, how import is image and branding? Branding is used currently for promoting most products, true.

What has been the best place you’ve been too and visited so far? I do so enjoy the discovery of new and exciting places. I really still think NYC is the most happening., But I do enjoy other cities as well I love the discovery of new places, cultures and personality of the people.

I mostly do National photo shoots as I feel more comfortable, but if I get a commercial in Europe, of course, I would be very excited. I visited Canada which is very different in culture and people. I also enjoyed Brazil.

What kind of model are you (IG, fitness, bikini, lingerie) Since I am not 5’11” which is the standard for High Fashion Models nowadays. Therefore, I do glamour modeling which includes lingerie, bikini, and some beauty account for jewelry and beauty products, etc..

How long have you been modeling? I have been modeling forever.

What first inspired you to become one? My girlfriends in NYC were modeling at the time. They suggested I try it, and I became addicted. A few years later I was signed to a big NYC Agency. It was the glamour life. I would love to be in my teens and doing it all again. It was so much fun wearing all the make-up and looking like 18 years old at 15. Plus, I made Mom mad when I speared all the eye-liner on her expensive towels.

As a model, do you feel that more can be done by those in the industry? Why and why not? I think the industry needs to be more acceptable to all types of models from real life to heavier models. Because people are real and the reality is most don’t resemble the models in fashion mag’s. So  I think the industry should understand the need for more types of modeling.

How do you loved ones and family feel about you being in modeling? Well, my parents are super conservative, so they are never supportive. My father had a very high caliber job where he needed clearance. They don’t approve of my modeling or acting. I personally felt like we all should do where we enjoy the most. I have continued in the field of modeling and acting.  I always felt we have to do what makes us happy as it seems life is short.

Where has been your favorite place to shoot? I am really more into the chemistry of the shoot. Like Marylyn Monroe said–make love to the camera. One of my most creative shoots was in Hollywood actually. But I like shooting in different locations.

What is the most exciting aspect of modeling? Making love to the camera and making the shoots as exciting as you possibly can. I feel one has to establish a certain spark of being able to project a mood or perhaps have a technique of posing a certain way a style.

With fall right around the corner, what fashion and style tips and trends do you have for looking good when the temperature drops? I adore the cashmere looks and Chanel coats myself. Unfortunately, sometimes I find the designers are apt to design clothes for smaller breasted women.

Bikini, g-string, thong or commando? what’s your preference? Thongs are a favorite now.

What is THE one hot item that you must have/or get this season? Probably new sunglasses. No, not the Rocket Bag designed by Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel.

Athleisure? Fashion or fitness fad? Currently, I am buying more fitness types of clothes as I seem to have overloaded my apartment with too many items of trends that have totally inspired me, at the time. I now try to limit myself to a couple of pieces each season.

Within the industry, who is your modeling inspiration? I was always fascinated by Kate Moss she has a certain style. I also like Heidi Klum. I think Pamela Anderson was fabulous as a glam model. I saw her one time at the Guess Store in Beverly Hills.

What is your workout and fitness secret to staying in shape? I basically eat a wheat free diet and low carbs. I exercise regularly.

What would you say is your best feature? My face and figure.

Any future projects coming down the pipeline? I am asked to do some photo-shoots and waiting for possible callbacks for acting projects.

Outside of modeling, what are your hobbies? I love traveling finding out about new cultures, and how people live, I enjoy the journey of discovery, I was always fascinated by photography. I adore fashion.

Sports question: Who are your favorite teams and clubs? I love the LA Lakers. I follow the Indiana Pacers.

Lakers, Rams, USC, Dodgers? If you were out on a date with a client which sporting event would you most likely want to go to? Most likely the LA Lakers, but do enjoy going to see other teams play. I just enjoy going to Staples Center it’s really so much fun.

What advice would you give to women aspiring to get into modeling? Check with the major modeling agencies to see what the standard of the type of modeling you would like to get into, then work as many good photographers as you possibly can and build a showcase of your special talent.

Special thanks to Ms. Tiffany Champagne for her time and assistance during the Q and A interview process. Images used with permission and are the rightful property of their owners.

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