One of the most important activities that a business needs to perform regularly is marketing. This involves getting word out about its services or products. Marketing increases brand awareness and can attract many new clients to a business.

A company can perform marketing on its own. It can also hire a specialist organization to perform this task for them. An example of such an organization is Oxford Marketing. Here is more about this company and what they have to offer.

What is Oxford Marketing?

This is a marketing company which facilitates brand awareness by providing brand ambassadors. While providing their ambassador staffing services, Oxford Marketing provides exceptional customer service to their clients. Their staff is divided into teams. They are highly motivated and trained to provide good quality services. In addition to that, the staff gets quick payouts after a job. As a result, they want to work with this organization more. The company was founded in Oxford in the year 2001. 12 years later, it opened its first office in the USA located in New York City.

The company is constantly growing and has a dependable staff from all parts of the country.

Services provided by Oxford Marketing

The company provides a variety of services. They are organized into the following categories:

Promotional models

Guerilla marketing

Brand ambassadors

Teams for mobile tours

Special talents

Product demonstrators

Promotional models: This is where they provide models to promote products and services. Promotional models are often applicable in promoting products at bars and nightclubs. The company also provides hosts and hostesses as well as runway models for fashion events. If a client has a tradeshow, Oxford Marketing can provide models for this type of event too.

Guerilla marketing: This is a type of marketing which is aggressive and performed outdoors by highly energized and creative individuals. Oxford Marketing can provide street teams for this purpose. They also facilitate mobile billboards, wild posting, flash mobs and mock protests too.

Brand ambassadors: In case you are promoting a product, service or venue, Oxford Marketing can provide brand ambassadors to help get the word out. They are applicable in airport programs, the automobile industry as well as the technology sector. Malls performing promotions also rely on brand ambassadors quite a lot.

Teams for mobile tours: Mobile advertising is one of the latest types of brand awareness methods which are available today. Oxford Marketing provides tour teams that are mobile for this purpose. These teams are overseen by regional or tour managers. Other specialists that they provide for this include truck drivers, crews for production as well as staff to set up mobile events.

Special talents: For a brand awareness event to be successful, there is often the need for special activities to grab the attention of the market. Oxford Marketing performs ambassador staffing by providing special talent to this effect. Examples of the staff that they provide for this purpose include deejays, crowd gatherers, costumed characters and emcees.

Product demonstrators: When a company has a new product in the market, the best way to gain customer loyalty is to provide samples. This marketing company facilitates this by providing product demonstrators. Examples of these demonstrators are food and beverage sample providers as well as Business to Client (B2C) sales representatives. In product demonstration, Oxford Marketing provides SafeServ certified practices.

Conclusion: Marketing is an important business process. Oxford Marketing provides it for companies and businesses of various sizes. More about how to contact them and book some services is available in their website.

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