We are only a few days away from Wrestlemania happening and I am severely confused by some of the booking for several matches on the card. I am aware why WWE is doing what they are doing when it comes to booking. They are doing this to attract the mainstream coverage and make this event less about wrestling.


For starters, why are they not putting the Usos in a match against American Alpha for the Smackdown Tag titles at the event. Instead of putting four talented wrestlers in a match that could be decent, you are throwing them into a the Battle Royal. There was no reason why you couldn’t have used those four spots for NXT guys. I know the general comment is ” You can’t have everyone in a match at Wrestlemania.” While that statement has some truth, you could have easily put these two teams in a match and not had one of the performances from one of your musical acts.

Another match is why would you put the WWE Cruiserweight Championship match between Nevile and Austin Aries on the pre show. These two guys have the capability of putting on a phenomenal match that could be a match of the night candidate. Instead, you throw them on the pre show when half of the audience is still filing in.

Unfortunately, WWE ran into a problem that no matter what matches would have been put on the pre show, the WWE fans would be complaining. I am just looking at those two booking blunders as you could have done something with the Smackdown tag titles and the Cruiser weights deserve to be on the main show.

Wrestlemania 33 is this Sunday April 2nd and can be seen on the WWE Network starting at 5pm with the kickoff show. Stay tune to the Inscriber Magazine as we will be providing all the coverage for when the wrestling world invaded Orlando. You can also follow us on twitter @WrestlingINSC

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