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So Wrestlemania XXXII is over, and yes the WWE set the record they were hoping to with over 100,000 in attendance. But the question is, did the mass of humanity get their money’s worth, or did the WWE blow yet another golden opportunity? Well, if you have not seen the event yet and plan to so you do not wish to know what happened, STOP READING HERE!!!! We will wait while you click off. Now, to the rest of you, I am not going to go over match by match about what was good or bad etc. What I will do is give you some of the highlights and lowlights of the evening, and of course, my commentary. Top 3 Matches 3 – Intercontinental Title Ladder Match 2 – Chris Jericho vs AJ Styles 1 – Triple Threat Match: Charlotte v Becky Lynch v Sasha Banks Yes you read that right, the Women’s Title Match was the best match of the night. All three women showed their skills and proved that if allowed to actually wrestle, we really could be in a Golden Age. Even in losing, both Becky and Sasha showed a ton. It was the most enjoyable match of the night. What is surprising to me is that NONE of the three Main Events (Street Fight, Hell in a Cell, WWE Title) could crack the Top 3. When that happens at an event like this, there is a problem. Top 3 Disappointing Matches 3 – New Day vs League of Nations 2 – Andre The Giant Battle Royal 1 – Lesnar vs Ambrose in a Street Fight WOW!!!! Lesnar in the most disappointing match of the night? It is true!!! There was no gravitas to the match. No Holy Sh*t moment!! When you put these two in the ring together, there was so much that could have been done, and it could have stolen the show. I guess they still allowed Lesnar to look unbeatable, and Ambrose to look like a Warrior, which is huge. But still, I had such high hopes for this match. Top 3 Holy Sh*t Moments of the night 3 – Baron Corben winning Battle Royal 2 – Zack Ryder as the New Intercontinental Champion 1 – Shane O’Macs leap from the Top of the Cell Yes the result of the match made little to no sense at all. What was the point of Shane returning if he was going to lose and then have to go away? Hopefully we will get some answers on RAW tonight. But seeing him dive off the top of the Cell was an amazing spot, and it definitely earned the respect of Undertaker, as you could see before he Tombstoned him for the win. Top 3 Stupid Moments of the night 3 – Rock beating Erik Rowan in 6 seconds 2 – DDP and Shaq in the Battle Royal 1 – The WWE’s attempt to make Triple H & Stephanie so bad that people would have to cheer Reigns Sorry WWE, it still didn’t work, as the Roman Empire was still booed. I have said it before and I will say it again, I think it is a DAMN SHAME that Reigns gets that treatment. He has become such the better wrestler over the last year and has finally earned his spot, but for the WWE Universe to boo him just because they feel slighted over something is stupid. Sadly, the only way to rectify it will be a heel turn which I am sure we will see. But the WWE needs to stop trying to make whomever Reigns faces seem to be even worse. Top 3 Things I am looking forward to on the BEST RAW of the Year 3 – Shane McMahon resolution 2 – The addition of NXT Talent to the Main Roster 1 – The return of Seth Rollins Now none of these are written in stone, but the RAW after Mania is ALWAYS the best one of the year, and I expect this one to be no different. I hope Samoa Joe makes his RAW debut tonight, and cannot wait to hear the crowd reaction for the return of Rollins. Obviously he was the heel when he left, but I think he will return as a Face and be an incredible face. Probably feud with BOTH Triple H and Roman Reigns, which will also help Reigns heel turn. Overall Wrestlemania XXXII will go down as an historical event, but will NEVER be a Top 10 Mania. I guess on the bright side, it will never be at the bottom of the Mania lists either. So a very mediocre show, that did have some outstanding moments.

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