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Writing about the Ways to Survive a Breakup in College

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Want to discover the ways to survive a breakup in college? Keep learning this writing as it is a real catch to get over sad love stories!

Getting over a breakup in college is never something funny but pretty painful. It’s hard in adulthood but while studying in college, this may be even more intricate. When may the college breakup happen? Students are likely to go through this sad experience if a couple has been dating since high school. When guys in college break up, they spend a huge portion of their time for emotional upheaval, thus pulling away from their comfort zone.

Most students can’t decide how to deal with a breakup and overcome difficulties in studying as well (it’s true this period strikes your academic progress to a high extent). In college, when teachers demand of you perfect presentations, essays, and excellent marks in testing, a broken heart makes these things unnecessary and even miserable. Of course, they may type “write my college application essay for me” or “college homework help” in Google Search and receive amazing writing, but who will pass all exams for you then?

So, let’s not give way to stress, as this writing suggests incredible ideas on how to move on after a break up in college that will lead to discovering inspiring things about you such as the hidden potential to make new friends, travel more, and become open for a new happy relationship.

Become as Busy as a Bee

It’s a bad idea to sit calm in the room and cry their ex a river. This will not help but twist the knife. Accept another invitation from your buddies and go out somewhere to get a blow. If you feel that time for partying hard hasn’t come yet, you may buy coffee and burgers, go to the nearest park, find a cozy place and do homework together with friends. This is the support you require in reality. Doing homework makes you concentrate on other subjects and cope with painful memories.

Stay active even if it is unbearably hard for you. Take yoga classes, hit the gym, become a volunteer, bake tasty pies, go shopping, etc. Those things generate endorphins responsible for our excellent mood. Experts agree that an active lifestyle is a remedy for your broken heart. It fills you up with positive emotions, radically destroys stress, and even transforms the world perception. Do everything that makes you feel confident and proud of yourself.

Ex-partner as a Good Friend: Give a Chance or Not?

Forget about any communication with your ex right after the breakup (don’t talk on the phone; never ask common friends about an ex, etc.). It will hurt you even more, especially if you keep the chatting style like you did while being a couple. Such a thing gives you unnecessary hopes that you may start dating again. However, note that if you have decided to stay friends, your ex and you should agree that both need time to calm down for further normal friendly relations.

How long does it take to get over a breakup? Nobody may point out the exact number of days or weeks. It’s an extremely individual thing. If you experienced really strong feelings to your ex, it would not disappear at a fast clip. If both had just affection, most probably several months would be enough. Mind your inner voice. It will give the truest advice on how to survive after break up.

Refocus on your Dreams and Ambitions

When you read magazines and stumble over some article like “How to get over a break up”, they suggest putting accent and concentrating all your efforts on doing the things you’ve had no time during the dating period. In love relations, we frequently forget about what we really desire in life, both individually and professionally.

Psychologists advise to take all your dreams and ambitions out of the shelf and start moving to your targets. Take a paper and draw a map of your life. Prepare the list of wishes and include them to the map. This way, things will come clear. Soon you will understand what direction to choose.

Download some bright pictures that reflect your ambitions (incredible career opportunities, beautiful office, some new design of your flat, etc.) and create a collage. Give sincere commentary to such questions as who you desire to be, what things you would like to possess, and what success means personally to you.

Travel and Discover New Places

Traveling is one of the ways how to survive a breakup. It brings a great dose of unforgettable memories. If you can’t give up thinking over your sad love story, plan a trip. France, Italy, Iceland, Spain… No matter where to go. Suggest it to your best friend, buy tickets, reserve a cozy apartment via Airbnb, and pack a rucksack. Promise yourself that you won’t recollect anything connected to breakup.

Experts agree that traveling has a positive influence on people. Challenges you face help to discover who you are. Such precious experience is possible only in a way that traveling provides. People you meet in another country may become the most valued contacts for you in the future as they will serve as the locations on the map to visit one more time.

Open your heart for some unusual experience. Every country is unique with its places and culture. Traveling gives the opportunity to give a subject the second thought. Globetrotters say that every time they return home as if you became another person.

After a trip, most probably you will realize that which does not kill us makes us stronger. This will help you to forgive your ex and move further for a future successful relationship. Traveling will change all life aspects. For example, in college, you may become an “A” student and instead of googling “can someone do my essay” or “homework help sociology”, you will start assisting with such things for your groupmates!

Fall in Love and Date Again

Life goes on. It’s natural that after a tragic breakup you find it difficult to meet the soulmate and start dating again. But don’t refuse new feelings. The best way to forget your former love is to find the new one.

Reason your past experience in love and learn the thing. If you get acquainted with someone at a party or in a café, start with simple friendly relations. Keep such dating a bit casual from the very beginning rather than jump into some passionate affection of a long-term love story.

While dating with a new person you see that life suggests some other not less exciting possibilities, if they open their feelings to it. However, a new love relationship means more risks for another breakup, but life brings no other alternatives. Surely, it’s not your case to feel absolutely satisfied live the whole life without your beloved one. No need to get afraid of breakups. In most cases, this is the only way to meet your true soulmate (sounds too romantic but it is real). Note that it is better to breakup than settle for less.

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