From his many media accomplishments, which span from an impressive 20+ year career in television and journalism, to becoming a leader in the non-profit sector, Mathieu Chantelois lives by the philosophy: “There is no such thing as standing still; you are either moving forward or backward.”

Today, he is moving full-steam ahead as the Vice President of Development and External Affairs at Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada, an organization which allows Chantelois to focus his passion and drive towards the good of others.

Early Career

A native of Montreal, Mathieu Chantelois received his undergraduate in journalism from the University of Quebec before moving on to complete his Master’s degree at Carleton University.

Chantelois began his career in journalism as a TV and radio commentator, where he covered a range of social, cultural and political topics for TFO, Radio-Canada and CBC TV and CBC Radio.

He went on to host two seasons of the Gemini-nominated show SoGayTV, as well as three seasons of Read OUT! and four seasons of COVERguy, a program syndicated in 16 countries.

Chantelois may be most recognized for his role in the Canadian reality television show The Lofters which followed the lives of eight Canadians in their 20s who lived together in a Toronto loft for one year.

As a successful print journalist, Chantelois has also published over 500 articles in addition to creating Canadian magazine, Le Magazine Famous Québec, where he manages the publication’s style, signature and voice.

A Shift in Focus

Mathieu Chantelois experienced a life-changing moment on the day of his 40th birthday. While sitting at his desk at work, he felt a pull to start over fresh, and so he took his desire to make a difference with him, accepting a position with Boys and Girls Club Canada.

Today, Chantelois helps young people dream big in his role as Vice President of Development and External Affairs by working hard to increase the profile of Boys and Girls Clubs and making sure the organization meets its fundraising goals.

Through his experience in media, Chantelois has successfully launched a number of high-impact campaigns for Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada, including the PSA, “Kids of Privilege” which was picked up by Cineplex Media and several local radio and TV stations around the country. He also helped to publish the cookbook Kid Food Nation, which won a 2018 Content Marketing Award in the nonprofit publication category.

Advocacy Work

Chantelois has taken his skills as a communicator and put them to good use as an advocate for various social issues. His investment in helping underprivileged Canadian youth has taken him to Parliament Hill, where he has addressed issues surrounding the need for after-school programs for children who need it the most.

Among other social issues, Chantelois is passionate about finding a solution to work harder for fighting poverty, food insecurity, homelessness, graduation rates and gender gaps as well as discrimination.

Personal Life

Mathieu Chantelois says he starts each day with the ground running, waking up early to work out before driving in to the office. He spends his days at Boys and Girls Club productively by splitting his time between his staff and achieving daily goals.

His life was changed forever on June 10, 2003 when the Ontario Court of Appeal said “yes” to same-sex marriage, granting Chantelois the right to marry. He and his partner were among the first same-sex couples to have a wedding ceremony at Toronto City Hall.

As for what keeps him motivated, Mathieu Chantelois says he is forever grateful to be working with so many dedicated and creative people and makes sure to thank them every chance he gets.

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