We might be getting Enzo Amore in a storyline that will make him look like a huge babyface. At one point on RAW we saw a backstage segment where Big Cass is being brought to the spot where his friend and tag partner, Enzo Amore, was attacked. However, Enzo Amore has no clue who attacked him. There have been a few theories going around the internet that it could be the Revival, Apollo Crews and Titus O’Neil, and Big Cass.

Out of the three big theories that have been presented on several wrestling sites, I see the Revival or the team of O’Neil and Crews as being the ones to orchestrate the attack. I can’t see it being Big Cass because I truthfully can’t see them breaking up two major tag teams on the RAW brand so close together. The WWE broke the team of Goldust and R-Truth last week. I am aware that the most memorable breakups are the ones that you don’t see coming. For example, you had the breakup of the Rockers and Mega Powers to name probably the two most memorable ones. Those are memorable because you didn’t expect them to happen.

If it is true that Big Cass was the one to turn on Enzo Amore, I could see the storyline that WWE will more than likely go with. They can play it off that Enzo Amore was the weak link in the duo and Big Cass needed to pick up the pieces. Also, it would not be surprising to see it as Big Cass because Vince McMahon has been very high on Big Cass. In all honesty, I could see any of these theories working out. However, I see the Revival or Apollo Crews/Titus O’Neil as the most likely ones. I see the theory of Big Cass being third on the list, but I don’t see it as being out of the picture.

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