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When it comes to television, death is always a tricky subject. Many shows like to avoid it all together. Some shows like to find loopholes, which allows them to bring back fan favorite characters. Then there are shows like Game of Thrones. Thrones is not afraid to end things for characters at any given moment.

Thrones is not afraid to end things for characters at any given moment. That is part of the reason it is so damn good. Sometimes fans simply do not see a big time death coming. Sure, they have had a few people come back from the dead. But for the most part, once you get the ax, you are done.

We are now about a month and a half away from the seven-episode season seven. That means it is time to start churning the Thrones questions and theories through your mind. And that is exactly what I did. Naturally, the first question that came to me was, who is going to die this season?

With the show down to a total of 13 more episodes (seven this season and six in season eight), we essentially only have one more extended season left. In other words, there is a lot that needs to happen in the course of roughly 13 hours. By the end, it is likely that only one group will be left standing.

Daenerys, her crew and her dragons are on their way to Westeros. Cersei Lannister now sits on the Iron Throne after Tommen committed suicide following her devilish actions. Jon and Sansa are leading in the North after defeating Ramsey. But don’t forget, Winter is coming. And the White Walkers are coming with it.

While we can feel pretty safe in saying that Dany and Jon Snow are going to survive this season, the same cannot be said for others. But who is firmly on the chopping block? Check out below for three characters that I feel are the most likely to bite the bullet this season on Game of Thrones.

Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish

Littlefinger is a character that fans have felt could not be trusted since day one. And for good reason. He is in it for one person and one person only. That person being himself. He desires to be the one sitting on the Iron Throne one day. Now, he has always

Now, he has always had a soft spot for Sansa Stark, as she reminds him of her mother. As a result, he often does things that will benefit her. That was the case last season when he came in for the rescue against Ramsey and his men. Without his help, Jon and Sansa would not have secured the North, bringing it back to the Stark name.

But as a result, he will want something in return. So he and Jon will certainly end up clashing at some point as he pushes for more power. He is not a big enough character to eventually ascend to the throne. Add in the fact that he will not simply fall back and take orders from anyone, he is going to have to go at some point. In other words, Jon will have enough of him at some point this season, as he will need to focus on the White Walkers.

Grey Worm

Dany has herself one heck of an army. She has Tyrion and his wisdom. She has Varys and his little birdies. There are the Greyjoys and their ships. She has Grey Worm and his army of unsullied. Oh yeah, and she has dragons!

So it is safe to say that at least someone from her squad will be calling season seven their last. Tyrion would be the real shocker. But that would just make fans sad, as he is their favorite alcoholic on the show. That leaves three more likely candidates. They are Theon, Varys and Grey Worm.

Now, Theon has been at death’s door a few times. But he has a long history with the Stark family. Since I see Dany and her team squaring off mainly with the Lannisters this season, as the Starks battle the White Walkers, Theon lives to see one more season.

As for Varys, he is certainly expendable. But I have felt that way for a few years now. He always seems to find a way to become useful. So while I still think he will eat the big one in season seven, I do not see him as the most likely of this team to fall.

Grey Worm is the leader of the unsullied. Given all of the other recognizable faces on this team, losing the face of the army is not a huge loss. Tyrion or Missandei could easily step in to be the head of the army for Dany. I mean, she has dragons on her side anyway, so an army is not even all that necessary. So sorry Grey Worm. Death nearly got him last year, but it finally gets the job done this year.

Cersei Lannister

Every season needs a big character death. Unfortunately for the Mad Queen, her time is just about up. She ended season six taking over the Iron Throne. She will end season seven losing it to a younger, more beautiful woman (Dany), as a prophecy from a few years back predicted.

With Dany and her large army and dragons approach, things are about to get ugly in Westeros. Her brother Jamie, who has always been by her side, began to question things upon his return at the end of last season. You could tell by the look in his eyes, he knew something was off. He could tell Cersei was essentially responsible for Tommen’s death.

So while many expect Tyrion to deliver the finishing blow, I am expecting it to be Jamie. He has seen this whole thing play out before with the Mad King. Now his sister is becoming the Mad Queen. He is not going to be able to stand by that. Given he has a decent relationship with Tyrion, I expect a pep talk from his brother to be the thing that finally pushes him to the side against Cersei.

Unfortunately for Cersei, that will be her downfall. If she does not have Jamie by her side, all she has is the Mountain. While he can take out a small army on his own, not even he can take down a dragon. The chips are simply stacked against the current Queen.

So there you have it. There will certainly be more than three deaths this year on Game of Thrones. But these three are certainly the most likely of any. Who do you think will meet their maker in season seven? Tell us in the comments!

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